I'm in a wood house and I have an albino snake not sure what kind but it almost seems to be following me wanting to bite me all the time. (it was not chasing me, nor was I running away from it). So my daugther came to the area of where the albino snake was and I decided to put it away then I realized i had 2 baby pythons and the baby albino snake in a white plastic cup. My daughter (2) decided to look in the cup and the baby albino snake stood up in an attack position so I dumped the snakes out and took the baby albino snake into my hands and squeezed the neck tightly to try and close it's mouth so it wouldnt bite. I then decided not to fight the baby albino snake and just hold it tightly still but let it bite me on my back several times until it died. The whold time it was biting me on my back I didnt feel a thing continued conversations with people in my dream and it was like they couldn't see it, they never once asked me why I let the snake bite me repeatedly or make any facial expression. I believe the snake died long before I realized but when I realized the snake was dead. It died with its mouth locked open and turning to right slightly so I just took it out side. I do not remember what I exactly did with it after. What could this possibly mean?


I'm in a wood house and I have an albino snake not sure what kind but it almost seems to be following me wanting to bite me all the time. (it was not chasing me, nor was I running away from it). So my daugther came to the area of where the albino snake was and I decided to put it away then I realized i had 2 baby pythons and the baby albino snake in a white plastic cup. My daughter (2) decided to look in the cup and the baby albino snake stood up in an attack position so I dumped the snakes out and took the baby albino snake into my hands and squeezed the neck tightly to try and close it's mouth so it wouldnt bite. I then decided not to fight the baby albino snake and just hold it tightly still but let it bite me on my back several times until it died. The whold time it was biting me on my back I didnt feel a thing continued conversations with people in my dream and it was like they couldn't see it, they never once asked me why I let the snake bite me repeatedly or make any facial expression. I believe the snake died long before I realized but when I realized the snake was dead. It died with its mouth locked open and turning to right slightly so I just took it out side. I do not remember what I exactly did with it after. What could this possibly mean?

meaning of dreams house arrest

i was under house arrest, waiting to be married, i did not know the man, i was being forced, my sister was in the room with me preparing a table, there were flyers on the wall, and another gentleman there, who asked me why i looked so sad, i said i do not mind getting married, i just dont want to be forced to marry, he said, its the same as your sisters religion, so it will be ok

meaning of dreams blood

Only about three nights ago, I had a fairly disturbing dream that heavily featured blood and I 'm really intrigued to know what meaning it has.
I was standing in what seemed like a school corridor (odd because I haven't been in school for four years!) with a group of people I didn't know. The lights were out, but one of them was flickering, and as we looked down this corridor, it flickered to illuminate a man standing there, drenched head to toe in blood. The light continues to flicker, and the man tells us to look up.
I look up to see the ceiling dripping blood in huge puddles, as though the room above is flooded with it and it's leaking.
The man is speaking to me, but I can't remember what he said, and as he speaks, he seems to be fighting back tears.
He then falls to his knees, crying, still drenched in blood.
I tell the group of people to leave without me, to get out of there. I then go to the man.
The last thing I remember of it, I was on my knees beside him, cradling his head as he continued to cry heavily into me.
I really want to get an idea of what this dream could be a reflection of.
Thank you

menaing of dreams survive

in dreamed that i was in a ship with two of my woman relatives and two nephews..there was a store there in a ship where i'm choosing some slippers for my self and for my mother..then suddenly i smell gasoline and i run out to the ship..and the last thing i saw was i was smiling..i don't know if its really me coz i think the image that i saw was a man who survive..im confuse if that person is me or not..all i can remember is that its smiling while walking from the shore..please help me interpret my dream..

meaning of dreams sunday dinner with a guy

I had a dream the other night that i was having sunday dinner with a guy i work with. It was in a small house. The strange thing is the plates had holes in them and the gravy on the sunday dinner was falling through the holes!!!

I sit next to this guy at work most days and get on really well with him. He makes me laugh.

The other thing is in 11 weeks i'm getting married to my boyfriend of 9 years!!

any ideas?

Other info:

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ship dreams

right, so i was in a ship, on the top deck and there were lots of other teenagers around, we were supposed to be swimming on the ocean. the ship was tilting but somehow it was ok, then me and my cousin was diving to the ocean. when i went in the water, its like i didnt even go down, i was somehow floating (there were also other kids in the ocean swimming) then when we came back to the ship, we went to this island and your not allowed to go in the island unless you have a cycling or driving license which i dont have but i somehow got to the island anyway, then i was spraying water with sand to these birds on cages because they were supposed to be evil or something, they dont have powers but they attack humans.. then after that, i was riding a horse and it was leaping a bit too high, when its going down i remember feeling scared and i could feel it when we reach the ground. then we went on top of this castle where the other teenagers was waiting for me and my horse then theres this little flying thing like a helicopter and it was shooting us pins that can make you sleep.
when i woke up (from the pins) we were all in this big room and were removing the pins from our body (pins that you use for sewing) mainly our necks, then theres this person in white and i just somehow know that she was the helicopter earlier. then she told the right line to stand up coz she was gonna heal them then they all had this yellow light around them, then it the left line which i was in and we all were in this yellow light as well but then after the light was gone there was still this pin from my neck. (the girl punished us for going on top of the castle, i think)
after that were somehow inside the castle and i was running away from this man with guns coz he wants to kill us so then i was running then i ended up on this place where all the other teenagers was having lunch there was a red and white stripe over us to cover from the sun and i was telling them to run, i just kept on running but then i heard lots of gunshots then i kneeling on the floor beside this gallon-big-jugs of water, then i think the other people was thinking that it was my fault for bringing the guy to that place but then i was mixing water with this white liquid, im not sure but i think its milk and then i was blessing it with my hands and it is somehow going ti be used to bring the kids that was shot back, to heal them...

Other info: my grandma and my other 3 cousins was with me on the boat but not in the island or the castle

i had a dream that was weird i live in minnesota

i had a dream that was weird i live in minnesota but i was in manhaten the night before 911 in this dream. i think
it was 1am on the 10th of september
i had no clue where i was it was a dream
so i went with the flow but i knew i was in a small apartment 20th floor? building with strangers
that seemed nice we were relaxing and there were drugs everywhere actual drugs
no marijuana:(. suddenly i heard chaos
the peaple i was with were arguing and
fighting i kinda ignored it and kept watching the obama deception wich was
a a true documentory about nwo and false flag terror(the weird thing is that movie dident exist yet). anywaze time fast forward about 7hours every one was still fighting and yelling i was getting irratated so i opened the window and
one of the women who was yelling through her infant son out the window from a different room then i looked in the backround and saw one of the towers fall then i heard voices that were not there they were saying stuff like "finaly we did it" "now we prepare for armagetton" "now we need one more crisis just the right one they will except our new world order"
"keep moving sheeple"
then i woke up. does that all mean something?

meaning of dreams cat

a cat in lawn of my house perhaps at night and i struggling hard to get her out ..

meaning of dreams baby moths

dreamt of a big moth in the house,i sprayed it with pesticide it release a lots of baby moths

meaning of dreams sickness

The night before I feel asleep I experienced severe sickness. I dreamt about being with my step mom and my two brothers, its dark outside and were at the house where i grew up at. I remember my youngest brother getting in trouble, and me being asked to spank him. When i attempt to spank him i feel as if i have to strength. Like im just moving my arms but, nothing is happening. Im 15. My grandfather comes outside and speaks to me. Very quickly we say our goodbyes telling eachother we love eachother over and over again. And we drive away, coming to a meadow type place, where I see my grandfathers dog being attacked by a duck and another dog. I take him to the hospital, and i remember my friend Morghanne being in the car and the steering wheel being on the opposite side of the car. I also remember putting the dog in the back and the steering wheel being so low to my legs it was pinching them. And we drive to the hospital and the black nurse informs me that the vet is closed but she can take the dog to another vet and get him in. So she takes him and we drive off. It still being dark I get a call from my grandfather telling me that my grandmother is so worried and is crying. (which she never cries) The whole dream is dark.


I dreamed that I had a little brother that was possessed and my mother didn't know that he was I told her about it and she told me that i was being silly. She went to go bathe him she was facing him and he was facing me he kept reaching for me like he wanted to grab me. There was evil in his eyes while he was staring at me. He continued to stare at me while reaching over my mothers shoulder towards me. It looked like he wanted to hurt me. Then later on he was running around the pitch black house really fast and I was crouched in a corner hoping he wouldn't find me. I was so scared I was shaking in fear.

Other info: Thank you

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cruz ship dream meaning

i was on a cruz ship in like hawaii, i saw big waves, my mom ,dad that i havent seen in 5 years my sister, my boyfriends best friend, i was about to get married but my zipper broke on my dress, isaw people in the pretty clear blue water, and black smoke coming from the sky from a plane that crashed in the trees. im in a serious relationship with this person

Other info: the night i had this dream me and my boyfriend were talking about getting married

what does my dream means nightmare

This dream has been bugging me for some time, I actually consider it a nightmare and just want to understand what is going on in my subconcious. Please take into consideration that this dream made me very upset... it was real.

I am a new step mom. I have been married for two years now to a wonderful man. He has three children that live with us 90% of the time. I have a great relationship with all three children and have never been treated with disrespect. The kids Mom suffers from a sever mental disorder, so their relationship with their mother is slim to non. About 2 months ago I had an aweful dream. I don't recall all the details.... but I cut my three children up and put them in a blender. After blending them, I put them in pint jars. I remember sun outside and lettuce on the counter. There was no blood, the jars looked to be full of blended pears. My husband and I have a california kind bed that has decorative metal bars that are above our heads from corner post to corner post. I killed my husband but In my dream I did not see how I did that. I laid his body on the bars above our bed and set the jars on his stomach. I woke up screaming, seaty and jumped out of bed and leaned against the wall. I was shaking and crying when my husband walked over to me and helped me calm down. I could not go back to sleep that night and struggled with sleep for nearly two weeks after. Can you help me? I have vivid, detailed dreams almost every night. Some to the point that I feel like I wake up more tired than when I went to sleep. I toss and turn and often jump out of my bed to turn on lights due to dreams of spiders, bugs or other creepy things. I am happy with my life. I am happy in my marriage and happy as a mom. Does this dream mean anything? Help. I just want to forget about it.

what does my dream means house

In my dream, I was in a house and I was looking around. I saw my best friend Kurtis and he waved. But this didn't seem to be the actual Kurtis. He was dressed in somewhat of a mime outfit and his hair was black and shaggy. Then a second Kurtis shows up. Its the real one and I start flipping out. I stare at them both and make a break for the door behind me, (one which I had no idea was there) and both chase after me. I'm curious on what's going on. I look around my surroundings now. Its no longer the house nor is there two of my best friends. I'm at a hotel I once went to for a friends birthday party, only its lighter and has and area where it looks to be a bathtub for everybody else. But before I can find out more, I'm in a room now. My mom is stand before me, talking about some nonsense. I turn around quickly and see Kurtis again. He just stands there, smiling and arms across his chest. He smiles again and disappears into thin air with a puff of smoke. And before I can find out why, I am woken up.

what does my dream means forest

I dreamnt that I was walking into a forest and there was a girl sitting ona chair(everything about he looked like me)but I couldnt see her face. She was being interrogated by 5 guys who seem to protected her. She sat in front of a huge circle made of trees, the circle was as long and wide as a house and the guys that where asking questions sat on each side o the circle, I walked past her and past some of the guys (they where dressed in army attire). I was walking to a swing set, then I could see th girl walking towards the swing and when she reached me, we turned into the same person and I sat down on the swing, while the 5 guys where just near by taking care of me.

Then an old intimate friend comes from in front of me, an my thoughts where (what is he doing here). We both where happy to see each other, he tries to give me a kiss as he walks up to me but idont let him, I told him that if those 5 guys catch him they will not let it happen. He stands in back of me and he is about to push my swing, im ver happy and im very happy about it. but he only barely pushes it and I becme disappointed , tlling him why didnt he push theswin , I wouldnt have cared wh would have saw us, he said be " becasue you asked me to be careful".

I get up from the swing and I walk towards the 5 guys and the intire time the just kept an eye out for my old friend. My fiend walks behind me and hugs me I turn around and wejust look at each others eyes, Then I falsely wake up, i kow that i havnt really woke up, and I am standing in front of a castle, it belongs to a well feared vampire , many life times ago. The vampire had been killed ages ago and he died along wit his true unforbdden love.

I stood there it was night time , there was many deputys guarding the castle an so I thought. I look down and im dressed like women use to when supposeably vampire lived in castles. I thught to myslf this is very odd, why hve I traveled to ths place. Then th deputys and their guards seen me standing there andhe rushes to me an tells me "dont worry we shall guard you like we alwasy have, just because the vampire as been dead ages ago, doesnt mean we arent in alert", I was speechless because I had no idea what h was talking about, then I looked up at the castl again and I remembered (like if it was a memory not a dream) i remembered I had fallen inlove with the vampire and he had fallen inlove with me, But our love was forbidden and condemend. My heart ached s much.

Then the deputies felt alarmed, all the castle doors where opening and sayin open, they could not be closed. I hard a voice behindme say " whatever he(vampire) is and has done in that past life will reflect on this one and he made sure he left all the doors open , so there would be no stopping him in getting to you...I felt so happy and relieved that I would some day be with my true love.

Then I really woke up

Other info: those 5 guys warned me about 3 intities trying to make me believe that there was 4 of them and that it was them the reason I have a hard time falling asleep

what does my dream means girlfriend

my boyfriend broke up wit me a month ago, and ive been having dreams of me seeing him wit his new girlfriend. It happens every night just in a different way. what does this mean?

what does my dream means sailing boat

I saw am sailing in a boat where there are two more men . They are catching fish. This fish is very wierd. They are brown in color and when they are on board they are alive and after some time they are dead. But one fish is alive and is shivering and then it opens it's mouth and it seems to be scary. later it dies.

what does my dream means smoke

i was in the bed sleep and dream that room was full of smoke i could reflection of fire but no fire just smoke it startled me i jump out the to go get my baby and realized i was dreaming

what does my dream means bridge

I was under a bridge with friends. We were seeking shelter from a gigantic, majestic looking dragon that was just flying about the city, nothing else. It wasn't a fairytale type dragon. More of a chinese-like. After awhile it would dive into the water beside us and cause huge tidal waves, sending many of us into the water. I think someone died. I woke up right after thesecond tidal wave, when i went under.

what does my dream means running

Ok . I've Had This Dream About 5 Times Already. I Running Up A Spiral Staircase Runninq From Somethinq idk What It Is But The Stair case Never Stops So I Finally Just Jump Down The Middle Of The Stairs And I Keep Falling I Never Hit The Bottom .

what does my dream means bed

I was sitting in bed in my pjamas with my former crush and other people. my crush kept touching me i sensitive areas like my ass and i kept taking his hands off it but he never stops touching it. i was irritated but happy at the same time.

Other info: Yesterday i saw my crush with my bestfriend, i think she likes him and i had a weird feelinh, as if im still in love with him. so maybe there's a relation?

what does my dream means

I'm still hung up on my ex-boyfriend and I dream about him pretty much every night. We still talk all the time and hang out sometimes. Last night I had a dream though and I don't remember much of it but in the dream my and him were hanging out and I asked him if he was over me? and He said "yeah, I mean i'm not over you in the way that I still think you're really attractive and I want to do stuff with you, but I'm over our relationship. I don't have feelings for you anymore" and then I woke up.

what does my dream means

2 months ago me and my boyfriend of over 2 years broke up and it's been a very confusing and emotional time. We still talk and hang out and I never quite know how he feels or what he's thinking. He talks to other girls a lot though and other ex girlfriends so that upsets me and gets to me a lot. so..

in my first dream: I found out my ex was talking to me and his on ex girlfriend (the only girl to ever break up with him that he always used to go back to and broke up with all his other ex girlfriends for) at the same time. In the dream we both found out and got really angry at him and told him to leave us both alone. When this all happened we were in a weird building with a lot of pools and hot tubs. My one friend went up and asked my ex.. "what's going on don't you like britt (me)? and he was like "no i do I really like her but I already have her. She's always going to be there.. but I don't have jamie (his ex), I almost did I was so close and now its all ruined." Then in the dream he went and talked to me and apologized and I took him back. Later one of his ex girlfriend's friends went up to him and was like I think you and Jamie need to talk.. So he went to talk to her and then she ended up forgiving him and then he left me again and went back to her.

what does my dream means nightmare

i had a nightmare last night. somethine was happening that i cant recall now, but this is the thing, suddenley i was in my car, and i was in ahurry to lock myself up in it coz i saw someone was trying to kill me or hurt me, and in a blink all i can see is that he either opnes the door, or he break the window with a sort of baseball bat he bangs my head and i start blead, like if in normal life im definitley dead. now the hting is im aware that i should be dead dfor some reaosn s1 i know i guess comes in to the dream and i resist the death thing, and im not panicking, and somehow the blood starts disappearing. it felt so damn real, wht is this?

what does my dream means stairs

I was walking up the stairs when i pulled a string witch rung a bell so loud that a small hole open from the top of the roof pouring out water then a big black hole opened up and two big gold bells felt on me i thought they would nock me down but they was light later i ended up washing my things at a new laundry mat.

what does my dream mean camp

So , i was in a camp-like house. My friends were there it was Alondra, Edgar, Eliseo, Arriana, Brianna, Salomon&i. we were all sitting down doing nothing. we were in a field trip probably , there was three persons in charge a woman and two men. when we were about to leave i wanted to call my mom and tell her i was already going home, butit had no service. so we just left, we were on the freeway and suddenly we appeared in front od a store. the three people dissapeared from nowhere . so Edgar, Alondra&i got off the bus and went to see the store inside. when we went in it was really big , there was fruit stand everywhere, but then a zombie-like person jumped on me and i pushed it off, when i turned around a lady was standing there she had no eyes, she told me that everyone in there ate humans, i freaked out so i ran out to the bus, but it was no longer a bus, more like a truck but everyone was still in there except for Alondra&Edgar, i turned on the car and looked back a little girl was just staring at me when she said "Can i help you" i told her to call Alondra&Edgar , she left and in less than no time they were already on the truck. i drove out as fast as i could but the truck kept going side to side , i couldn't controll it, out of no where my sister Mariana touched my shoulder and told me to get off that she was going to drive, so i got off and when she drove the car went straight we looked around but the houses and stores look like we were on a game, we kept driving until we hit the freeway again, there were to streetes to choose from, we were going to go straight but it didn't letus , so it took us to the right lane, we then again appeard to the very same store , we ALL got down this time, but when we looked at the bus it was a mobile house, we went in and saw thhose zombies in there, there was a big mad whatching tv but had no eyes, we went into the second room and there was 3 zombies, they all killed my friends and only my sister &i were left, we killed the zombies and then ran to the 3rd room i tried to hold the door shut but i couldn't , i let go my sister hit the zombie that triend to get in but nothing happend to it , instead he got a stick hit my sister in the face then her stomach , i ducked and when i looked up my sisters face turned purple, she fell to the ground , i was cring i didn't know what to do , &&thats when i woke up from my dream , i couldn't sleep longer cause everytime i closed my eyes that dream started again . but it was a long time that i haven't whatched a scary movie, so i don't think it had nothing to do with that ?

what does my dream mean floor

One of my dreams was ;
i was in a really big Farm-like house , it was about 8floors up. but there was bridges everywhere. at the very bottom there was a big pond. with clear water, i saw my reflection. it didn't look deep at all , but when i saw a penny i wanted to get , i reached down to get it but then i fell right in the water and suddenly it was very deep inside, from that i woke up and had no idea of what else might had happen

what does my dream mean bakery

Repeatedly , i had this same dream . My sister&i were in a like bakery factory, it was huge . but we were trying to hide and not let anyone see us. we were somewhat hiding away from them because we were scared of one of them seeing us.

what does my dream mean dolphin

I was with my brother-in-law (whom lives in the Netherlands and I see every couple years), childhood friend (that I have'nt seen in 20 years), and a girl ( that I think was my wife but not certain). We all walked up on a house that was suposed to have a dolphin. At my intense urging, my childhood friend and I walked through the house out to a back patio. We saw a dolphin and a girl. The girl looked like it could have been an x-girlfireld but I'm not certain. The girl started kissing the dolphin in a very romantic manner. Deep tonge kisses. My friend wanted to leave but I was telling him it's ok and to stay. He left and I ended up in a bed room peeking through a sliding glass window trying to watch the girl and the dolphin. I was laying on my stomach on the carpet trying to look through the glass window. Each time I tried to look water sprayed in and I could not see. I had a small book or journal in my hands that was getting wet so I was trying to protect it from the water while trying to peek through the glass door to watch the girl and dolphin have sex. It seemed like I was there for awhile.

Then we were all then in the front yard and we realized our car was gone. My friend and brother-in-law went into the girls garage to steel her car. Just as they were aproaching her car I noticed our car down the hill and was telling them not to take the girls car, that our car was down the hill. I kept pointing at our car down the hill.

This is where I woke up. The entire dream seemed very real and detailed which is not typical for me.

meaning of dreams curses

i am 33years old,am quick in anger,i lay curses on people easily,am not married,please i want you to help me interpret this dream,i saw a mad woman in my dream collecting my things,and i took it back from her but later she collected it so i try to get it back i could not get and another mad woman was laughing at me,before i woke up,please I need the interpretation of dis dream

meaning of dreams

My ex boyfriend contacted me today with this dream of his, he said that he was sitting at home and that I had called him out of the blue. I told him to open the door and that I needed to talk to him. So he opened the door and we talked and he said that by the end I was crying.

Other info: The guy was my first love and we had met when I was 13 and he was 14, we were on and off for three years and he put me through so much pain with cheating, name calling, and a lot of lying and ignoring. It's been 3-4 years how we have not been together and barely talk, talk is very general, and a friend of mine constantly tells me when she reminds him of what he put me through, he tells her that he doesn't want to talk about it as though it's something that strikes him in a bad way. Another thing that comes up in my mind is that he gave me his mom's class ring 3 years ago, his mom recently passed away and I don't know if he remembers that because when I brought it up after our breakup he said he completely forgot about it.

meaning of dreams mad woman

i dreamt about a mad woman,collecting my things and i took it back,but she took it back again,and other mad woman was laughing at me,when I was trying to get it back from them,because she hide it inside her wrapper

what does my dream mean

I had this really weird dream a few months ago that started with me and my dad at a bowling alley. we had to share with another group of people so we did alot of waiting. My dad said something about how its good to change and bought up some guy who acted like an idiot in public and got a bunch of women because of it. some guy with a giant vacuum cleaner came up and needed us all to move around so he could clean. There was an old man in a wheelchair who refused to move. The guy with the vacuum had to wrap the cords around the wheelchair and the old man was complaining to everyone.

then something happened where someone had to be rushed to the hospital, which was the other half of the building the bowling alley was in. soon the old man in the wheelchair got called into the hospital, and now he was supposedly my father and i didnt even remember being with my real father earlier. I went in the room with him and he said he was getting a face life. i told myself not to watch the surgery cuz it would be too disgusting. i sat on another hospital bed and a bunch of doctors put a curtain around the old man. i just sat there and saw this one good looking nurse who had a weird leather jacket that had huge puckered lips bulging out of the back.

then a bunch of people started rushing in and i thought they might need the hospital bed so i jumped off. it turned out it was a little kid with some nurses. he pointed his finger at "my father" and yelled "that's him! that's the murderer!". i said "no...that's my father" and someone else yelled "that son of a bitch would murder anyone!". the little kid explained that the old man wasnt really getting a face lift and was just trying to murder a nurse. i looked at him and he looked completely still, but then said "let satan guide you, son".

the nurse he wanted to kill walked in the room and i ripped an earplug from the old man's ear and threw it at her so she would stop coming toward him. she yelled and started running away to have me arrested so i started chasing her. soon i caught up to her and tackled her in a room that was a dead end. then i dont think i was me anymore, and watched someone else in the situation i got into. the new "me" pulled out a strange alien-type gun and was surrounded by a bunch of police with guns pointed at him. then a bunch of other people with alien weapons came in and made the police promise not to arrest him. that's where it ended.

white siberian husky dream

my white siberian husky with blue eyes is in a cistern of white bubbles trying to get out and she can't get out.
I woke up and had the dream again

Other info: she didn't seem to be worried about it

meaning of dreams blow to the sky


meaning of dreams fear of dark

The dream starts out with a little girl and I with a few other children in a small yard type area. It was in a park probably, no grass just concrete. A fence divided the park and a small white/grey house. The house was very small. Children are playing and then I notice a fire starts in the house. Nobody else sees this. Finally a little boy recognizes the fire and begins to yell. The fire spreads beyond the fence and everybody dissapears except for the small girl, a man, the boy and I. I carry the boy who fainted to his mother waiting outside once side of the fence. She leaves and I see the man yelling at the small girl. He is yelling loudly telling her to give him money. Around 400 dollars, however I don't know why. The girl just stares at him, not scared and not showing any emotion at all.
It skips to a scene where the girl and I are coming out of what may be a church, we are holding hands. The man comes up behind us. He doesn't say anything. I turn around and see him. I turn to the girl and i say "Amy, RUN" the girl begins to run fast.
Now all I see is the girl. The town is dark it the streets are dirt roads, she is running and running and she makes it to the house. It's darker grey now, and she runs through white ash. She opens the door violently and as soon as she closes it, I am in the eyes of the girl. I scream out "Casadee" The girl or I, get a flashback and it seems Casadee is my older sister (I only have a younger broter). I or the little girl hears her answer "yeah?" I walk to the room to find a boom box, a it's playing the same sound "yeah?". My point of view changes to someone or something behind the little girl. Something standing in the dark slowly walking towards the girl standing over the boom box...

After this I woke up. It took me a while to be able to get out of bed. I was terrified.

I am 16, I am a girl. I am scared or the dark at night. I hate being alone in dark places. This town resembles a place I grew up in

meaning of dreams eating pizza

I was in a room by myself, eating pizza on a table. While grabbing a slice, a big black spider crawled on my hand and bites me on my fingers and when I looked at my other hand I had seen bites on those fingers as well. So I killed that one and it fell underneath the table, and that's when I realize four other spiders' dead. So then my fingers got bubbly with white pus and I remember seeing a dot right in the middle from where the spider released its poison. Then I called my husband. When he entered I saw his stunned facial expression seeing my hands swollen with poison. He grabbed a large bowl and took my fingers one by one and popped the large bubbles. There was so much pus it was gushing into the bowl. He then got my two middle fingers on my left hand and squeezed the pus from them and that's when the tips of my finger-bone fell off. So all I saw was my skin hanging off my two middle fingers and I can actually see the other bones in my fingers. At last, he cleaned my wounds and wrapped my hands with white gauze.

meaning ofr dreams weird dream

weird dream:
I was told by someone I didnt know, a man, that I had to strangle this boy that was in front of us. He was aproximately teen aged. Next thing I know, he's face down on the ground and I have my hands on his neck squeezing the life out of him. Seconds before I go past the point of no return, I let go of his neck and am relieved I didnt kill him, but I am left with the feeling that now I might be in trouble if the man who told me to do this comes back and sees I didnt kill the boy. End of dream (thank God!)
We were outdoors, on a dirt road, no cars or houses around. I didnt recognize either person in my dream. It was summertime. The young boy appeared to be of mexican or native decent.

meaning of dreams beach

was on a beach at night time, and saw a black person and blood all around.

meaning of dream grandfather

My grand-father, just recently, passed away,March 7th, 2010, which was very devastating, for me, because, we were very close. He was more like my father. He was always there, when I needed him, and he was also very close, with my children. A very loving grandfather. But, for the last 2 weeks, I've been having these terrible dreams, that he is hurting my children, and when I try to stop him, he shoots me, with a shotgun?!! I wake up, crying or screaming!! It's so bad, I have a hard time, breathing!! It's getting so bad, that I don't want to go to sleep!! My grandfather has never hurt me or my kids, EVER!!! Why am I having these horrible dreams!!! My name is Amanda Nally, I'm 26 years old, I go to school, full-time, to be a nurse, married. That's about it. There is one thing, I regret not getting my nurses degree, sooner, because I wanted my grandfather, to be proud of me, and see me graduate from college. Your help, will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

running in a dream

I have dreamt multiple times of running away from people, trying to keep up with people in football, and running competitively and it always seems that im weighed down by some imaginary thing. Me body and legs just get extremely heavy and I am never able to keep up with anyone even though im a good runner for high school.

Other info: im 16 and used to be stressed with school because of sports and extracurricular activities

meaning of dreams cry

Last night's dream felt really important, somewhat disturbing. First of all, I should explain a few of the characters in the dream (I did not change their names.)
Andi-- I had a brief crush on him in college. He's from Albania, and he was a doctoral student in piano performance. I was an undergrad majoring in music composition, and I thought he was really hot. Like most of my crushes, I never acted on my feelings, but suffered in silence. One time after his recital I got to shake his hand, and I was surprised by how soft it was, even though he wasn't overweight. (Eventually the crush went away, and I wondered why I even thought he was hot.)
Sarah-- the music leader at my church, one of the pastor's daughters. I really don't like her for some reason, probably a mix of jealousy and disdain that she is less talented than I think I am, plus younger, and she's never had to suffer, but she seems to have the life that I've always wanted to have.
My brother-- In real life I get along with him really well.

It started out with me crying uncontrollably, just weeping. I was crying throughout the entire dream. I was very angry with my brother, and I was packing my bags to leave wherever I was. I was in a big square white room; there seemed to be kind of a short balcony all around the edge, probably only two feet high or so. I was standing on the balcony. There were familiar people all around. Suddenly I saw Andi standing on the ground right below where I was standing. I felt really drawn to him, but also really angry. He said, "Don't you remember that you and I are married?" I was angry and I said, "Oh yeah, how could we be married? You've been gone; I haven't seen you in years." I turned my back and refused to talk with him, while I finished putting things into my bags. Andi decided to write me a note, since I wasn't listening to what he said. He wrote on a small, square, white piece of paper, like a post-it note. I wouldn't take it, so he gave it to a friend who was standing next to me. She read it and said, "Oh Abigail, you have to read this, it's a beautiful love poem."
I snatched it from her hand, and read it as I was storming out of the room, off to the left. He had beautiful handwriting, with a curly Artistic A for my name:
"Abigail-- Is all of this really necessary, when you have me?"
Then there was a couplet that was supposed to be a mini love poem. I don't remember the words, but I remember it was a rather cheap poem. Something really easy like "I want you to come back / In love you will never lack." (Those weren't the words, but the idea was, it was the kind of thing you could write in 5 seconds!)
I remember shaking my head vigorously, sorrowfully, as I ran out of the room.

He called out behind me, "Don't you remember? We had just gotten married, and we rented a nice little apartment in Kansas City with wooden floors. We hadn't even moved the furniture in, when you ran off on some adventure with your brother!"
Then I realized that it was my fault, and I had the impression of having nothing but conflict and trouble with my brother. And I had no memory of any conflict with Andi.

I was outside of the room, but I paused, and leaned my head on my folded arms, while standing up. (A strange posture in real life!) Through the slit of light reaching my eyes through my arms, I saw Sarah standing in front of me half-crouched in a kind of strange posture, pointing at me. It sort of looked like a martial-arts position?? I had to look a few times just to figure out who and what it was.
When she saw that she had my attention, she said, "Are you leaving us now? I mean in the Christian sense." (Dreams sometimes word things strangely; I understood the meaning to be, "Are you abandoning your Christian faith?") Of course, I would never abandon my Christian faith, but I did NOT want to talk with her, so I just waved my arms wildly, dismissively, still crying. There was a bed nearby, and I threw myself on it. I heard a snippet of "Humoresque" by Dvorak, and I thought, "Even if I lose everything, I know I'll always like Dvorak's music, even if he's not my favorite composer."
Then the thought came to me, "It would be nice to live in a home where someone was practicing piano a lot." (Andi was a piano player.) Then I felt sad that I could not longer play the piano like I used to.
Then I fell into hysterics, losing consciousness. I felt people were gathering around me, concerned. When I opened my eyes I saw Andi's face smiling at me, and he was holding my left hand. He had a soft hand. I thought that his face was simply beautiful, indescribable. He was so peaceful, so faithful. I wanted to move back in with him, and I thought, "I don't care if we move to eastern Europe, or anywhere, if we are together."

End of dream
I feel very desperate to understand this dream. More desperate than any dream I've had in a long time. I sense it is extremely important, but I'm not getting it. First of all, I am pretty sure my "adventures with my brother" represent my marriage. My husband is, after all, a Christian brother, but we've had nothing but problems and conflicts since we met.
But what does Andi represent? My first guess was that he represents Jesus, and it seemed to make sense, since I have been rather cold towards Jesus (everyone, actually) lately, and I want to get back to the spiritual condition I used to be in. But I'm not completely satisfied with this explanation. First of all, I've known Jesus since I was a child, not since right before meeting my husband, as the dream seems to put it. Secondly, I don't think Jesus would write a tacky poem! It just seems a bit weird.
Then I thought maybe Andi represents my animus, but I don't really know how to deal with that concept.
Then I thought maybe he represents my "ideal" man, the one I always hoped I'd meet and marry. This ideal was shattered the day before my wedding. I've had to kill the ideal in order to face reality, but maybe the dream's telling me he's still alive somewhere.
I don't know which of these options is right, and even more importantly, I don't know what to do about it.
A dream dictionary I consulted said that crying in a dream is a way to express inner emotions in a safe environment. If so, it seems I would have awakened rather refreshed, with a feeling of release. But that was not the case. I woke up disturbed, unwilling to face the day.
Two days later, I did start to cry, but only for about 30 seconds or so. I know I need to cry to get the negative energy out, but it seems pointless and unhelpful towards solving my real problems. It immobilizes me, when what I desperately need is a plan of action, something that will bring me real life and peace. Anyway, I can't cry; it has been blocked.

meaning of dreams couch

this all happened last night i was laying on the couch and i knew that my mother turned the lights and tv off and that she walked to her bedroom but while i was asleep... well i thought i was but it seemed as though i was awake.. i felt scared and i herd my mom on the couch beside me snoring and moving but i couldnt get to her and i felt something come into my body i was soooo scared i asked god to please let me wake up i just want to wake up then i think i turned my head and i finally had woken up but i was balling my eyes out it was the scariest thing ever!!

Other info: i never want this to happen again thats how scared i was and its really hard to explain

meaning of dreams parents

i had a dream a few nights ago that seemed like it really meant something. i couldn't stop thinking about it all day, and so i decided to write it down. it was about this boy that i really like, but don't know whether I'm in love with him or not. well, here it is:
My Dream: "I did everything I was told by my mother. I sat with her, got her food, and even lied down with her, even when every nerve in my body just wanted to go downstairs, where the party was at. My mother told me specifically not to go down there because he was there—which is exactly why I wanted to go in the first place.
"I'll be right back, mom." I said quietly. She was napping quietly next to me since it was getting late. Darker and darker it got.
"Hmm? Oh. Where are you going?" she whispered quietly.
"Oh. Well, I need to go to the bathroom." I lied quickly.
"Ok. Come back quickly." She advised, falling back to sleep. This is my chance! I thought panicking. I ran quickly to my room, knowing that I had little time to get dressed and run down there. The need to see him just kept growing stronger and stronger, until I couldn't bare it anymore.
I found the perfect outfit to wear, something I was saving for a while. It was pinkish- purple, and flow-y. I was getting the skirt on when my mother suddenly entered the room. "Where do you think your going?!" she roared angrily. I felt frightened, but I would do anything, sacrifice anything, just to see him. My mother found the hanger lying on the dresser and beat me with it in multiple places. I cried out in pain, and fear, but knew that it was worth it, just to see him. "You think you're smart? You think I don't know where you're going?" she asked rhetorically. I didn't reply; I just waited for it to end. All I wanted was to go down there, to the party, the fun. To him. Suddenly, the pain ended. I looked up to see her leaving, but knowing that she would be back at any moment, with something worse to beat me with. I finished getting dressed with lightening speed, ignoring the sore bruises and aches all over my body, just knowing that I was moments away from him. I lifted up my skirt, and ran rapidly down our curved steps, my curled hair flying all around me, my skirt flowing from behind me. I didn't care that I was making a racket. All I knew was that I was almost there… I ran across the dark hall, around to the basement door, knowing he was just beyond my reach. I opened the door to the basement, shutting it gently behind me. The light was on beyond the stairs. Though the stairs were still dark, they weren't dark enough for me to not be able to see. A dark figure materialized before my eyes as they adjusted to the dark. The figure was sitting on the bottom step, right at the border of the light in the room, and the dark of the stairs. As I reached the final step, I felt an arm grab mine—screeching me to a halt. I recognized the feeling, the touch. It was so familiar; I didn't need to see who it was to know who. My heart skipped a beat as I felt those oh-so familiar long, slender fingers curl around my wrist. "[His name]" I sighed happily, quietly, but he heard me. It was so worth it, to have this figure touching me. He pulled me in to the light, to have a better look at me. My eyes stung with tears as I really saw his face. I missed him so much! "I was awaiting your arrival." He said emotionally. It was so nice to hear his voice. "I--…" I didn't know where to start, there was so much to say!
"Sshh." He soothed as he pulled me into an unbreakable embrace, tucking a lock of my hair behind my ear. I felt comfortable there, in his arms. Like nothing can come between us, so safe and protected. Like an earthquake can happen right then and there, and nothing could come between us. I knew that my mother would come down there any moment, but I didn't care. All that mattered was that he was there, and that he was touching me. I felt so perfect and so happy, that tears began to flow from my eyes continuously. I didn't care who was watching, I just wanted him there with me. At that moment, I realized that I must be in love, and that he must love me back, without a doubt. His arms slid up and down my back. My arms grabbed his hair, his neck in a choke-hold. I looked up to see his face. He was smiling widely, and looking down into my big, brown eyes. He slid his arms back up to my waist as I rested my head back on his shoulder, my face cuddled in his neck. This was my happy place. I didn't mind staying here forever, just so that he was there with me. Our hold on each other spoke a million unspoken words; let us pour out our feelings. I told him exactly what happened with my mother, by not saying anything. He responded his understanding by holding me tighter. I needed him there like I needed air to breath, and we held each other there for an immeasurable moment. My mother didn't end up coming down after all, but after getting my head back up, I looked into his eyes for a moment before waking up to find out that it was all a dream."
Well, this was my dream, and i really would appreciate it if it was interpreted, because i have a strong intuition telling me it meant something. Thank you.
extra information: my parents don't allow me to date, I'm a teenager, I'm really afraid of my parents, and i always listen to them, which is probably why i haven't yet made a move on him.

my parents don't allow me to date, I'm a teenager, I'm really afraid of my parents, and i always listen to them, which is probably why i haven't yet made a move on him.

meaning of friend dream

i was with my best friend, amy, (who had moved out of the state recently) and her twin sister and a couple of my other best friends. we were in an area with lots of different pools on different levels of the grass but the water was black. all of a sudden we were looking for my best friend amy , i jumped in to the black water of one of the pools and saw her drowning! i tried to help her but she just stared at me and died . my friends pulled me out of the water and we left the area.

meaning of dreams red convertible car

in my dream i was driving a nice red convertible in a parking lot , then i noticed a woman trying to get inside the car so i sped up , she hung on to the car . i was going really really fast towards a large brick wall , i kept going faster and faster . i couldn't control the car. suddenly the woman let go of the car and i went through the brick wall . on the other side of the wall i glided through a black and white ,what looked like a dump with old broken down cars, burn tress , ect...

meaning of dreams Hawaii

I was in Hawaii (never been there before) looking out of a crack of light in a cave. Outside the cave I saw the countryside and I knew something was out there. So I made my way to a high hill, and looking down from that hill towards the east I saw a flock of beasts. They were running through a forest. One crossed the road and its presence was unlike the others. It resembled a woolly llama with long horns cascading all the way to the ground in one circular fashion. The wool was a long, curly and had faded from brown to white from root to tip. I took a picture of it and it saw me. It immediately ran to me and I started running. It chased me effortlessly while I worked hard to fend it off. Like it was teasing me. I managed to push its head away once, then it got behind me and trampled me. I woke up feeling the sensations in my nerves. Very odd. It was beautiful, yet I knew evil. It does not really represent anything to me that I know of, as I have had my share of hard times but for me this kind of thing is unusual. I am a 32 year old female who lives in Michigan.

meaning of dreams future forward

ok, i had this insane dream a few months ago tht i cant find an interpretation for anywhere. its pretty long but it might be entertaining. it started with me and this annoying friend i have named dylan coming out of a chinese buffet. i know it was past the time he was supposed 2 leave so we started jogging across the street and just barely avoided getting hit by an orange car. After we passed it the car just stayed there honking and some random kid named "Ador" came out of nowhere, who did the same thing. dylan jumped on the back of the car and started punching the back window. in the dream we would be known as "fakies" if the person caught us so me and Ador took the time dylan bought us to run away.
We dashed down the street and came to a yard with a fence around it and jumped over the fence. Ador started messing around with a cell phone and i heard people coming so i got up to run again. as i was about to jump over the fence, to another yard, i felt something on my shoulder and Ador yelled "the old man!". i looked down and saw an old man that i accidentally killed while jumping over the fence and realized his sock was on my shoulder. Ador said i kneed him in the face during the jump. We had no choice but to run now so i jumped over the fence, to the next yard.
the next yard had a maze of walls and Ador said we should keep running. i knew no one would catch us but i started praying like crazy and even thought about having a proper burial for the guy. we started crawling through the maze and this rap song by AZ called "more money, more murder, more homocide" started playing. when we got out of the maze we went directly in2 a bus and stayed there.
The dream fast forwarded to when we were adults and the AZ song was still playing for a really short time. the dream showed Ador and some other guy, that mightve been dylan smoking weed like crazy, showing that was all they eer did. i dont think i was part of the group anymore but i was still seeing wht was going on.
The dream went on to show this girl who could see the future. she met a bunch of people who lived in the woods, outcasted for sinning against God. she had her back turned and told them they would be doomed if they didnt prepare in less than 30 seconds. then she pulled the strings on her bikini and disappeared. just then some guy came bursting into the woods and all the outcasted people were transformed into hideous demons. there was a little boy, who turned into this fat gremlin made of fires who said he was the strongest becuz he completley turned on God. he started shooting arrows at the guy but they didnt seem to hurt him to much. i think the guy actually ended up injuring one of them and ran away.
The dream went on to show this guy who looked like a Mayan that from the same place as the psychic girl. he was walking up 5th street (less than a block away from my house), looking for demons to slay. he came to these 2 huge, thuggish looking guys, pulled his hair back and growled to see if they would respond. they didnt so he turned away. he then saw Ador in the woods, laughing with his skin changing colors. the mayan knew Ador was a demon and he tore his own stomach off. his organs turned to stone and turned the same colors that Ador's face was turning. Ador started running away as the Mayan put his hands down to the shrubs and started laughing and screaming at the same time.
Thats where it ended. if theres anything about me u would need to know to intrepret it, just ask.

meaning of dreams school chase

mr.mesa told me to go to his portable and get the key that was under the mail box, open the door, and get his clipboard and do it quickly. So I started to run, through a small crowd of people. And then I heard sean's voice behind me," Jazmin, wait up!" of course I ran faster. Sean chased me and ran into me from behind which made me bump into the railing forthe stairs that go into the portable. " ouch Sean. You needn't be so fast! I'm like a turtle compared to you," I proclaimed. Sean and I sat down on the stairs. " we hardly ever get to talk, jazmin," Sean said. " what are you talking about I say hi to you like every day!" I protested. Sean sighed and then laid down. The sun shone right on his head when he did that and it appeared to transform him. His hair looked lighted and his eyes were full of bright like so they seemed almost flueroscent. " I like talking to you. It's easy. We should talk more," Sean said but he had a slight Irish accent. I smiled. " we should. " I stood up with the key in my hand and when to open the door. " but I like to talk to you when you're laying down. " I added. " why?" sean inquired. " because I can hear your accent(:" and then I kissed my hand and bent down and put it on sean's cheek, but while I was reaching for his face he said " no don't. " but I still did. "ouch!" "Sean, what's a matter?" " can't you see for yourself?" and suddenly I did see, where his cheekbones were on his face, he had a bunch of stratches and on his nose too. " SEAN, what happened to you?" " dirtbiking. " and then Orlando walked by and said" hey buddy, saw what happened to you, hope you feel better soon bro. " and then I looked down at Sean and he was healed. ------ and then I woke up.

meaning of dreams dead end relationship

for the past few months I have been feeling at a dead end with my boyfriend. My conclusion to this was that it wasn't going to get any better since I've met so many guys in between and not one made me question my relationship. Until recently I met this guy, he's 21, I'm 18, and just spending a couple of hours with him i've felt things I only felt with my boyfriend when we first started going out over 2 years ago. This is my dream.
I was on another shift with him, and he asks me what's wrong. I tell him that me and my boyfriend have been at a dead end for some months now and until recently that I met someone (he doesn't know I'm talking about him) I never felt how I'm feeling now. I also explain to him that I realize I have set myself up to fall since I'm not sure this guy has any type of attraction towards me but that my point is that I'm still young stuck in a dead end relationship that now I'm thinking twice about. My boyfriend is someone who tooo laid back for my taste. I don't see him having any goals don't see him trying to pursue anything in life while I'm someone with goals, wants to get somewhere in life when I'm happy which is how this guy I met is. Again I understand there may be nothing between us but it still makes me wonder on how many other guys am I going to let pass by while I stay stuck in a relationship that I'm having doubts about?......I don't remember what he said back but next think I know we're about to kiss and then I wake up.
I want your honest opinion on what you may think this means and on what you think I should do.

meaning of dreams kiss

My dream is in essence about a girl which i like, we slept together a few months ago, and were kind of "seeing eachother" for about a month after that. Since then, it's been quieter, but i feel very attracted to her each time she comes back into my life. We go to the same college, so occasionally i bump into her, and we get on well. She's really flirty, and is apparently "seeing" someone else now, but i'm not certain because she doesn't act like their together from what i've seen. Anyway on with the dream...
The dream starts with me walking down the road which goes from my secondary school to my Dad's old house, one i spent from about age 7-18 living half the time in (my parents are divorced, but i'm an university now). It is a main road and it is empty when it should be busy that time of day. I appear to be walking with some of my friends, but i don't seem to be actively talking to them, although i can hear chatter. The girl, we'll call her P, is walking ahead of me with some of my friends. At this point I am slightly behind, and I walk faster to catch up. However I am cautious in the way i walk because i feel like i should call out her name and greet her or something like that. So i think i run up to her and in a friendly/flirty way do a greeting which i often do to her in real life. I think i put my arm around her as well.
At this point the dream seems to become a little more obscure and blurry to my memory. Something is said about a bomb. It could have been me joking about how there might be a bomb on the road or something. But just then a large number of policemen carrying guns pull out of police cars that were coming from the direction of the school. Again, the dream becomes a little blurry, but the police warn us that there is a bomb threat and we have to be kept for investigation. We are all on our knees with guns pointed at us. Yet somehow i am not afraid, instead, I think that this is normal.
The dream becomes a little hazy at this point again, yet P (the girl i like), is not in the dream at this point. It almost seems like a flashback in the dream. I am walking down the road, and the same thing happens with the police and the bomb threat, only slightly further down the road. For some reason the police make us keep our feet flat on the ground, but our hands as well, on our backs, kind of like the opposite way a child crawls. While the police are busy doing investigative things, the National Guard pull up. While the police look like regular English police officers, the National Guard are wearing berets and look like the French Army from a WWII war remake. They step out of a van kind of like an American SWAT van, and have very large automatic weapons, much larger than the police. There seems to be a conflict of interest, the police and the National Guard are arguing about whose "case" it is to solve. People have lined the streets at that point, in the same way as they would for a parade of some sort. The whole situation becomes quite heated however i feel no fear at all. The same situation then happens again! The flashback for the 3rd time, but slightly down the road. At this point i mock the police and national guard saying something like "again, honestly you guys!". For some reason again i am not scared, in fact, i feel totally at peace with the world, almost like no one can hurt me. It is not that i do not care about the police taking my life, because they could have done, i just have no fear and have total inner peace.
Just then however, P comes back into the dream (it appears that she was "held hostage" with the group of people i am with, who incidentally all appear to look a lot older now), and her and a friend of hers who I don't know, but looks a lot younger, suddenly flee down the road to the direction of the school. All of a sudden the police and national guard seem to disappear, and over the hill comes P and her friend in a really old novelty car from a 1940s movie, dressed up in hilarious clown costumes with stripey trousers, excessive amounts of make-up, and a comical wig. The crowd of people appear to be cheering, but i am so focused on P that i do not hear anything. I see the car roar up beside me and it does not stop. However i knew that it would not stop and that she is heading for my Dad's house. I run along side the car, and even though the car is going very fast, i am running the same speed as it, but i am going slower. This does not make sense in real life but it does in the dream.
I suddenly get an overwhelming desire to kiss P, it is the only thing i want to do. What she did was so hilarious and funny that the only way i can show my feelings for her is to kiss her. I am very close to my Dad's house now, and for some reason i begin to run in slow motion. My mind is working at the exact same rate as before but i can feel my body moving in slo-mo. I look down at my legs and hands and imitate some action-movie style running of moving really slowly an exaggerated. The desire to kiss P is still intense, but she is not next to me and more, and as i run up the pavement towards the road which my Dad's house is i wake up.
I awake in my bed and i am not sure why i have woken up. Perhaps it is because people say when you wake up before you kiss someone in a dream it means you are confused about how they feel about you. Or maybe it is becuase i needed to get up then, or maybe someone made a noise upstairs. I am not sure. All i know is i have never felt such a strange array of emotions in one dreams. I am not in love with P, but i was in the dream. Also, i had total inner peace during the "hostage" situation, and felt no fear. I was never angry, and looking back on it, the whole dream seemed to be filled with joy. However, waking up i felt sad because i couldn't kiss her.
Thankyou for reading, and i hope you can answer some of my questions!

meaning of dreams matteress

i had a dream last nite that me and my husband were sleeping on a matteress on the florr but it wasnt in our bedroom and i was looking through my cell phone then i seen a ghostly figure and it was my grandpa he had grey hair and he has been dead for over 10 years now i was young when he passed away anyways he started talking to me and told me i need to be strong for my grandchildren and i said what do you mean i dont even have my own kids yet and im only 26 too young to have grandkids lol then he said you will have a baby and i said when he said im not sure but you will have a son and then i woke up so i wish i could interpate this its so weird i havent dreamed about him in years and im currently trying to conceive have been for a long time now but no luck and im not pregant at the time either any ideas?? thanks

meaning of dreams collapse house

i was in my parents living room with my mum dad and sister. We saw out of the window a red souble decker bus flying through the air as if it had been catapulted from miles away. As we all looked out of the window we realised it was going to crash near us. It crashed into the house semi-detached next door virtually destroying it. My parents house was fine but we thought we had better get out. We sat in the car over the road and a police man came up saying you can't go back in as the house it likely to collapse too. We watched for a while and the house did collapse and i was crying at losing childhood and family photos etc but we were all safe.

meaning of dreams africa university

i live in south africa ., i am a student studying in johannesburg i met this guy over the internet who studies in cape town , i never wanted to go to cape town now ido i saw it in my dream there was a mountain and a steep road which led to the university i could not walk down the road it was so step the other students walked there ok but i was strugglin finally i got to the university and i was safe

menaing of real dreams

When Im Dreaming it feels like im actually there and that its actually Happening. I Can Feel The Touch Of someone and smell everything like im really standing right by it. But This Particular Dream Happened Two Nights Ago And It Felt Like it really happened.

I was at some kind of get together with friends, bands were playing and there was tail gating. i was walking by a few trucks with my friend and i notice a guy sitting on a truck. Dark Hair, Green Eyes Tall. He Comes over to me, breathless and says he saw me and just had to talk to me. We Have A loooong conversation just About everything, he then grabs my hand and i can feel EVERY rough spot and callous on his hand. The Dream Goes On And we somehow see each other mulitple times and we talk every night on the phone (i know it seems that im missing parts of the dream but thats how it seemed to me) by this part were-not dating but both pf us know how much we both like each other....one day i get a call and he tells me that he has to go back to texas to his dads for the summer and that he wont be able to see me, but that he loves me and that we're going to get together seriously when he gets back...so a few days go by and im in my room and then the dream switches over to where im looking down at my mom opening the door to find him,(because shes already met him and knows the situation,shes not surprised to see him and he tells her how much he loves me.) she calls me down from upstairs and when i see him i actually feel the butterfllies in my stomach. i run downstairs and he meets me there, and imediately grabs me and pulls me into a kiss, i ask why hes here and says his dad just picked him up to bring him to texas and he asked his dad to stop by so he could tell me good bye. he tells me he loves me and says he'll never stop talking to me when he goes to his dads. as im walking him out the door he hands me a note and says this all things i dont have time to say right now. kisses me on the ceeck and hands me my favorite hoodie of his...and thats were the dream ends.
everything about this dream makes me wonder if this will really happen, please tell me what you can!

meaning of dreams deep forest

I was in a deep forest, at night, being chased by a bear that was afraid of water. I myself was also afraid. When I wanted to escape the bear, I would simply hop onto a patch of land surrounded by water. When he would go away, or had his back turned, I would hop back onto the main land and run again. He would soon be chasing me again. I eventually reached a large, murky lake, and dove into the water, thinking that i could fully escape the bear. I looked back, and he had transformed into a man. I remember feeling very afraid at the sight of him. The man was now fallowing me, instead of the bear, saying that i was stupid for believeing that water frightened him. I swam away from him, althought he is still persuing me, and climbed onto a wooden dock. An ax was laying on the middle of the dock, and I threw it into the water, thinking he could use it aganist me. I then ran up a path and reached a small village of all white houses. they kind of looked like the houses you would see in the pilgram days. I started banging on the doors of all the houses that had their lights on (they were all electric lights), but none opened their doors. the entire time, this man is chasing me. I finally reach a large manor, and scream for help while knocking on the door. The door opens, and my boss, Wray, is standing in the doorway. He is like a father to me, probably closer to me than my own biological father, and he gave me refuge. I felt utter relief wash over me. i was finally safe. I was huddled in the arms of his wife, Milla, who is also like family, and he closed the door. The man was on the other side of the door. Now, their doorway was surrounded by blocks of glass. I remember that it was a clear night, I could see the stars through the glass, and was constantly terrified that the man would look in, and I would see his face.My boss, meanwhile, turned to me and his wife and asked his wife where his gun was. She pointed to an undistinguishable spot, and that is when I woke up.

I am a sixteen-year-old girl, who normally doesn't remember her dreams. This one, I remember very vividly, almost as if it actually happened.

husband meaning of dreams

In my dream i had left my husband and and a co worker of mine (who is married) would be coming over and lthough there was no feelings we would always be kissing passionately on the sofa until he would leave and go home to his wife

I am happily married and i dont find this coworker attractive

meaning of dreams Oprah Winfrey Ellen Degeneres

What's happening in my life right now: The guy I'm dating relapsed and moved into a sober living house, we had to become just friends, but still talk everyday, and things are on good terms. My best friend helped me through all of it.
my dream: I'm living in a house with Oprah Winfrey, and Ellen Degeneres. Me and Kat are talking about how Mark and Oprah got in a huge fight, and Oprah is now moving out. There's a huge media storm going on outside because of it. As we're talking I notice I have wounds on the inside of my forearm. It looks like flesh eating disease, some parts show bone, some muscle, some are covered by skin. I tell Kat, and she looks, neither one of us panic, we decide to go to the hospital once Mark gets home. I go get into the shower, and when I get out Mark is home. I'm nervous because I only have a towel around me but I want to show Mark the wounds. So I go to him to show them, and they are healed, with only a triangle scar the length of my forearm left. Kat goes back into the kitchen, and me and Mark sit on the couch and talk about why he fought with Oprah. As we are talking I feel my skin moving, we look down and my wounds are opening back up. Neither one of us panic again. Mark asks me, "does it hurt". and I say, "no, just feels weird when the air hits it". Mark then pulls me closer and cuddles me (wounds still open), and then I wake up.

meaning of dreams classmates

hi i'm a 18 year old girl from the philippines i'm a student and here's my story. this past few days i keep dreaming about my crush and about my classmates. all i can remember is they are always on my house and sometimes we are at our schools kitchen (exclusively for hotel and restaurant management students). we keep on cooking and cooking. thats all i can remember please interpret thank you.

meaning of haunted dreams nightmare

I dreamt that i was "haunted" by something in my dream.I was alone initially, in a carpark and i was quite scared of something for some reason. I tried to walk out of the carpark for a very long time. Only to realize after a while that I was back at the same spot. Somehow i managed to get out after a while, and i bumped into my family. Somethings happened in between but i cannot remember what exactly. The next thing i remembered was my family and I being stranded at the same carpark. This time round there was a car there waiting for us. I told them that there was no way that we were getting out, for some reason everyone entered the car and my uncle started to drive. For a period of time we were stuck inside the carpark but eventually we managed to escape.
In continuation of the carpark dream, my family and I were captured by this tribe. The tribe had this crocodile like creature which they worshipped as their God. They intended to sacrifice us to the crocodile creature. It ended with my family somehow disappearing from the dream and leaving me trying desperately to escape. I started to pray as hard as i could in my dream and i woke up eventually.

meaning of dreams relationship

I'm a 16 year old Female. I am a dancer at my High School and part of a Youth Group at my Church. I recently had a dream about 5 people from my youth group being at my house and my dad taking us somewhere. It was two boys and three girls including me. One of the boys name was Alex. Me and Alex got very close these past couple of months and we fell in love with each other. We had a really rocky relationship, he hurt me but we got over it. Exactly 12 days ago he moved away to San Antonio Texas leaving me in Laredo Texas and i really miss him.

dream unlock driveway gate

Hi there. Im not sure if u can help but here goes. This dream freaked me out a bit. In my dream my mother asked me to unlock our driveway gate because my dad was going to be home soon. But when i get there theres a snake hanging from the fence. Its tail wrapped through the holes with its head pointing downwards. I see just the white unside. It seems like a python. I freak out and try the walk in gate but theres a python there too but its shorter. I run up and tell my mum and she points out that theres one on the broke piece of fence in our backyard as well. My dad then arrives and somehow comes inside. But i have this feeling of panic at not being able 2 get the snakes out and not being able 2 leave my home freely. Btw i have a fear of snakes. Please help.