meaning of pregnant dream

I had a dream that I was pregnant in some other country or apartment other than where i am living now. My sister and my father were in the dream. Suddenly I was going into labor and i experienced so much fear!! No one had called an ambulance for me or even taken me to the hospital, I gave birth in the bathroom. It was the most gruesome experience ever!!! I even had to cut my own umbilical cord with a pair of scissors that i used to sell. i remember being afraid if the scissors were dirty or not. my sister watched some of the process take place in the bathroom and she got extremely nauseated and left. But when I held my baby in the air, it was like nothing in the world mattered! I loved that baby with all my heart and soul and i suddenly lived for my child (boy) and i would have given my life for him. He looked like my boyfriend with tan/dark skin but it was very soft and his eyes were gorgeous!! and he did not cry or anything! it was as if he knew everything was going to be okay because he was with his mommy. i kissed him on the lips and face and felt so much affection for him even when i woke up from the dream!! My boyfriend was not in the dream though.
Other info: I feel like this dream means so much that i can not understand. Please bring me peace of mind and help me to understand it because it really weirded me out when i woke up!!

dreams of getting close to dying

I have dreams of getting close to dying, but I somehow lead me and everyone else who is with me away from that death. For example, in one dream, I'm riding in a car and we're driving on a bridge and we somehow almost fal off by riding on the very side rail of street on two wheels on the car and then I warn everyone and we somehow get back onto the bridge.
Other info: This dream keeps recurring, but in different and similar situations.

dream: Grandmother medical visit house

There’s a two floors house, I don’t know the place but I was there for some kind of medical visit. The house is white and I’m going upstairs. I said in my mind “I’m scared I don’t like this people, they are bad”. Next to the stairs there a guy with a gangster look (he is in my social environment class and he’s a good person). He heard what I said and grabbed my arm, showed me his gun, put the gun in my mouth and shot me twice. My grandmother is there with her husband (she was waiting for me to see the doctor). A lot of blood comes out of my mouth. At this point I know I might die soon so I walk towards my grandma and tell her “please tell my mom I love her”, in that moment the killer shot me again from the back. The killer saw us and killed himself. We walked downstairs. A lot of Blood is coming out of my mouth. In the first floor I see my mom drinking and having fun with her friends. She saw me and get surprised but she is not sad. She told me “don’t worry you’ll be fine”. I spit out two bullets and more blood comes out of my mouth. My father is looking at everything and he’s crying desperately. My grandma cries. My mom is there but she’s fine. Next to me there’s my boss, looking at everything. He’s in peace, he transmit calm to me. I’m the only one who can see him. He is communicating with me through telepathy. He’s telling me “You are going to be fine; everything is going to be fine”. I know I’m dying but I’m calm and finally I rest in peace.

fear of mariage dream

i have fears that my mariage wont work and that my husband would change or do something that would hurt me emotionally. he has a son by another woman and she does not like me at all. i am from trinidad and tobago been here 3 n half yrs and in the proccess on getting my green card. my husband is helping me. i have alot of concerns about that.
i had a dream today that me and a friend were in a basement like room putting stuff together like cleaning and talking. then i saw water started coming into the room from a hallway like place near the door. my friend had to go back further into the room to get something and told me to go turn the water off up the stair before we get flooded in. i swam up the stairs while the water was getting higher and higher and just like in the movie titanic where jack and rose almost got trap trying to open th gate and the water got over their head , the water did the same. i got to the pipe that was like a circle and turned it off. the water went down and for some reason i turned it back on and went back down to get my friend. on my way down the water came up to fast and i swam back up now worried that my friend didnt make it out or got out some how. when the water subsided me and a couple of friend(girls) went down to search for her. we were looking through piles of clothing and boxes and couldnt fine her. then i saw my friend try to shove some clothes into a small space in the wall almost like they were hiding something from me and i had a feeling that something looked dead in that pile, then my friend told me lets go upstairs to see if we find her. on the way upstairs we ended up outside walking in the streets. while walkin my cell phone started ringing, but my phone was in the creese of a fold on the end of my jeans. i answered the phone and it was a guy friend from back home in trinidad. he said " whats going on darling" and as he said that bats came out from the trees and began attacking me and my friends. he heard me screeming and asked whats going on. i said " bats are attacking me but i was laughing as though it was a joke. i was yelling at my friend to give me a bat(baseball) to hit the bats with, (laughing) one bat was on me at first, then i saw a group of them maybe 5 or six come down then i woke up. they were black bats like a regular bat greyish.

dream: somebody is chasing me

Often i see that i am running away from somebody/somebody is chasing me. But i cant see who is chasing me. I see taht i can run at a supenatural speed. Climbing buildings/high structure like a superman. Also am able to swim very fast in water. Though in the dreams i very seldom see any people. This dreams comes me very often whenever i am in deep sleep

ex boyfriend car dreams

i was with my ex boyfriend. we started to have fun. in ways that me have never. his mother told me to paint the other room cause that was going to our daughter's new room. him and his brother took his mother's car. he told me that he was going to be back by 9 o'clock. well he was gone i was trying to find a ride to get paint. well he never came back. it was 8:36 in the morning and i was outside peeing on the sidewalk. then i was in my car driving to the store. i seen him in his Honda with his other brother and his brother's girlfriend. his car wouldn't move. so everyone got into my car. then my dad walked out of the store. my ex and dad circled around each other like they were going to fight. so i jump out of the car and tell stop. my dad walks to his fire-bird and sits down. my ex gets in the car. my dad is passed out while he was starting the car. i yelled dad. he got up and then drove off. i got in the car and my ex and i got into a fight. i asked him where he was and he told me i wasn't going to let her sit by herself all night in one little room. (his girlfriend now)

meaning of death dream

I am 15, female. So in my dream I went back to a school i moved from about 2yrs ago. The smae people weren't there thought it was some of my new friends and some of my old closest friends from that school. It was our senior year and we went to the mountains because we lived in the city (in my dream, we live in the country in real life). We rented a cabin and all of us (about 10) pitched in. Even though it was old and crappy and built over a huge crater like the grand canyon and standing on stilts we have tons of fun. Then a storm came and we were all scared thats when we noticed that it was raining dinosaurs and we were in trouble. A lot of my friends ended up disappearing at this point, one got killed from trying to same another and other just gave up. So one of my friends ( that i was in a relationship with for 2 yrs and now not) and i hid in a hollow tree but then that wasn;t safe so he jumped off the cliff and lived, suddenly the cliff wasn't so far down but i was still scared. He told me to jump and grab his hand but i did not because i was too scared and didn't trust him. i died.

recurring married dream

i have been getting a recurring dream that i was married to a man and had two girls and in the dream i went to the states to work on a movie and in that time i met a lady, we have become friends and as time went on i cheated on my husband with this girl..we had a on and off romance, but as we got reunited again we finally admit that we loved each other thats when we got married..but the marriage wsnt easy there were constanly ppl interfering in our relationship..she had a duaghter from a previous relationship and my bestfriend didnt accept her in my life..later we finally decided to have a child together and used her egg and my bone marrow t create an embrio..we had a baby girl ..i jus want to know where this dream is leading me..i never found women fascinating but this dream is it telling me things about my future..

little boy dream

My Best friend had a dream and I am very concerned. She said that in this dream her beloved deseased grandmother came to her to meet her daughter but holding her hand and taking her to my freind was my little boy. She said he was happy and playing while they visited but all of a sudden stopped and said, Ok it's time to go now and he escorted her out. I am freaked out is my son going to be ok?

basketball tournament and teeth dreams

Cheyanne is driving to a basketball tournament, in Vallejo. After our tournament we were on the freeway for two minutes and appeared at the Factory Outlets. Later, we see some more of our team mates in the parking lot and say hello. Cheyanne and I start walking into a clothing store and Cheyanne is talking and accidently licks her teeth, and states, “If you lick your teeth and talk at the same time, you will lose a finger.”

meaning of moster dreams

I'm living back with my mom on her 5 acres outside of town. Down behind her house is some woods. I have dreamed of this "monster" before in 2 or 3 other dreams. Never before having been chased by him until this one. 'I was down back by the corrals. There were some cows in the big part. I was watching them and all of a sudden they got startled. I opened the gate to let them out but instead it turned into this box with them inside of it. I knew it was the "monster". I backed up and heard the cows mooing loud. I ran to the other side of the corrals and I was looking for him. I didn't see him. I was sneaking around so he couldn't hear me. I saw him walk out of the all grass and he looked right at me, he didn't see me and I saw that his eyes were white. He was blind. I walked slowly back up to the house and shut and locked the door. I got my dog in so he wouldn't bark at the "monster". I went into my dad's bedroom and got a shotgun. When I returned to the door the bottom half of it was open. I turned around and walked into the living room. I saw him and he must have heard me walking because he took off after me. I turned around to shoot at him and when I did, he turned into a woman. I went and got 2 more bullets and when I returned. the "monster" was gone. I heard something behind me and I took off running' I woke up with my legs kicking and me shaking. The monster was dark and hairy and was big. I can see him clear as day like I have seen him in real life.

Oak Tree Dreams

I have had the same recurring dreams since I was 5 years old. This dream takes four to five days to complete (a little weird I know). I start by going outside to this tall Oak tree (night 1). I then start to climb (night 2-3). Day 4 in my dream changes sometimes between looking out from the top of the tree or jumping off. This is the part I really do not understand After jumping off wether it is day four or five I always hit the land and I wake up feeling like something has just dropped me from th ceiling. In this dream I am always the 5 year old I was when this dream started.

meaning of dreams: house

have had this dream twice in a week. 1st time I walked out of my house-which looked a lot like my Mothers house(the house I grew up in) from the outside but inside it was my house. When I walked out I noticed their was a large pile if Crap (for lack of a better term) seeping from under the foundation next to the house. Looked as if the sewage had sprung a leak. There was no smell, but it as obvious what it was. I went back inside to tell my husband and I woke up. A few days later the dream came back. this time I was in my house with my son (he is now married and does not live with me) who iis very ill and I am trying to take care of him when he suddenly dies. I am distraught because I am alone and was not able to help him. I hear my husband's car outside so I go to the front door and when I open it there is my husband on the stoop of what looks like my mothers old house with my youngest daughter who looks to be about 5, but she is actually 16 now. I try to tell them what has happened to our son but my husband says they have to leave. I then notice as they are walking to the car that there is this Crap all over the yard now...piles and piles of it. I yell at him, don't you see this mess and he says, what mess and continues to walk away with my daughter. I just stand there watching him leave thinking now I have to clean up all this Crap and what about my son, my son.

bank account dream

I had a dream that my bank account had a nine figure amount as well as a six figure amount. What does this dream mean?

baby dreams

i have had dreams of giving birth to dead babies since i was 14 years old. I had my first period on my 14th birthday and was hospitalised from hemoraging. i have had cysts on my ovaries and had to have half an ovary removed. I am now 25 and have been on no contraceptives for 2 yrs and have not fallen pregnant yet.The dreams are sometimes nursing me baby and then all of a sudden the baby grows another head and turns green and dies, sometimes I dream that my baby has fallen into a pool and as she sinks to the bottom i watch her helplessly and her face distorts and she looks deformed, someone saves her and gives her to me but her face stays deformed.I also dream about finding sick, deformed or abandoned babies and I have to look after them.I have had dreams about giving birth and the baby comes out with another twin inside it and then the smaller twin tears out of the baby.

Do these dreams mean that I will never have a baby

dream about the man i love

i had a dream about the man i love who i have never met in person but i know who he is and i asked him when we would get married and he replied "soon" and then i asked how many children will we have, and his respnse was"You'll see" and then i asked him "when will we meet" and he said"soon" then i asked "how soon?" and he said "sooner than soon, i promise." and that was the end of the dream it was very short but it seemed so real i just wanted to know if this is a sign
Other info: we're about 2-3 yrs apart, and we have so much in common some is ironic and some is obvious but i wonder if he is

meaning of killing dreams

had a dream i was killing a man that wouldnt die. i would stabed him sevral times and sliced his thorat the man just laughed.. there was blood everywere the man just kept tryn to get up i locked my self in the bathroom with my two brothers and asked them to help me kill him but they didnt we then escaped from the bathroom window.. the rest i dont really rember it was very scary what does this dream means !!

moon cycles meaning of dreams

moon cycles through its phases eight times. Each full moon is orange, then a skull comes into a new black moon, thousands of voices begin screaming and I feel the fear and terror of millions.
I wake up in sweats and feel real fear for days.

17 year old boy, average life, loving family, (empath,see'er mom, knows things) may be a family thing


FROM LAST 8 YEARS.....MARRIAGE DREAM BUT IN DIFFERENT WAY I see myself as a bride and every time i saw myself crying like my dress, my bangles and like many things missing...which are important for a bride. once i can understand that i am getting married now but but since my school and colleges i had seen such kind of dreamsometimes it becomes so scary that i found tears on my cheers also...i dont know how to deal with such kind of dreams and what should i interpret

former lover dream

I dreamt of my former lover. In my dream, I emailed him something funny. Afterwards, I went out with a guy and he was hitting on me. Later that night, some friends were going to pick us up and my ex was there. He was so mad at me about the email. He said that he erased his email account because I kept on emailing him nonsense things. He told me that he doesnt want to talk to me anymore. I went back to the other guy and told me that I will be taking the cab. And my ex, was mad.

police and doctor dream

In my dream I was driving around in a police car and I saw a cobra on the side of the road. Someone was being beaten by the cops. Then I was at the doctor's office with stacks of money

meaning of yellow cloth dream

I am wrapped in yellow cloth and have a scrubbing brush in my right hand, i am called to an open savannah where theres a crowd of people separated by different colour clothing we are celebrating being promoted and many of them are dancing

meaning of sad dream

In a grassy peaceful field with friend and boyfriend (both male). I was standing between them and god was showing emotion through the sun with sad, frown and smiling faces. it was dark like nightime. Then my friends started crying and looking at me and they said god decided to kill me. I woke up screaming and sweaty

meaning of dream crush love

Ok. So my crush and i were in love, and we told all of our friends. later, we were playing around and we started touching eachother. (very sexual). Moments later, i woke up. i also remember a feeling that my life was perfect and always would be. 2 days after the dream, i found out she thought i was a creep and i still cant get over her.

sky scraper and police chase dream

The dream started with me walking up to a sky scraper type building with wide exspansive steps made of concrete or marble almost like steps you would see in washington d.c. at a monument or the capitol building. There were a lot of people dressed in business suits walking up and down the steps and in and out of the building. As i approached the stairs and began to walk up them i seen a man in all white preaching but no one else even seemed to notice him and they ignored him. I was drawn to him and as i made my way up the stairs and got closer to him it was clear to me the man looked an awful lot like jesus and he was know staring at me and directing his message at me and so i started to listen but before i could understand what he was saying one of the pedestrians walked up and shot him and continued on their way. Again no one seemed to notice and i just keep walking up the stairs. I entered the building and everything seemed normal. People were mving to and fro as you would expect any busy business center to look. I walke over to the elevator and jump inside. I took it to te top floor and get off. But the top floor was completely different from the lobby where i got in the elvevator at. Whereas the lobby was just a normal lobby the top floor was filled with horrible things happening. The first think i remember were people in suits wearing all kinds of scray masks and running with, knives, chainsaws, axes, and chasing around other people in suits who werent wearing masks. I got really scared and searched for a way out. i was running from room to room and seeing people being killed and tortured and just wanted to get out of there. Someone noticed me and pointed to a place i could use to escape it was like a trash or laundry shoot or something similar and i dove into it and fell all the way down it. but instead of landing on he grounf i landed into a frineds car and we drove off. the city was very strange. the only way i could descrbe it would be like a poor ghetto in mexico with wooden fences, dirt roads, and cars driving around wildly. we pulled up to a corner store and the police started chasing us. i seen a dumpster inside of a enclosement and i ran ther to hide. i heard people running towards me and i lited my head and seen one with a gun pointed at me and right when he pulled the trigger i woke up.

I usually dont remember my dreams and the ones i do are basically nothing more than everyday events and other things that a person would do on a normal day. But when i was 15 back in 1995 i had a very disturbing and vivid dream that i still remeber almost every detail. A little more about me during this time. I grew up in a regular middle class home with a my mom and step father and religion played very little in our lives. We had a decent life and things usually went by smoothly. I did lose a friend around this time and shortly after i had a few dreams that just seemed very different than any i had befoer or since.I grew up in las vegas and never visited or traveled to another area before this dream.

police officer in a dream

was an off-duty police officer (not a police officer in real life). And I caught a young girl around 16 years old doing a big 'heist' (of what I don't know ... Money or jewelry). As I was stumbling to put her in hand cuffs another women came out (also involved in the heist). She was a large burly manly woman. She walked right past me with no concern as I told her in a weak shaky voice to stop. I then ran after her and pulled out my gun as she turned a corner. I tried shooting it to scare her but it turned out to be a laser pointer fake gun. So I turned the corner to find her standing with a huge gun pointing at me. She told me to go away. I was terrified of this woman and her gun so I ran into the elevator and went to wait for my plane as if I had seen nothing but still terrified. When I woke up from the dream I still felt that fear. (FYI I am a woman)

meaning of dreams: my wasted years of love

I am in my grandmother`s house putting some outfits in a bag and preparing for some sort of prom i`m excited about. I think of how confident i will feel looking so pretty while I realize i`m actually in the house of a married man i once shared a connection with . He is not home but his wife is and for no reason i am supposed to spend the night. I feel astonished by her hospitality and overwellmed with guilt as i am sure that she knows who i am. while we are waiting for her husband to come i notice that she is so sensible and fragile and feel the need of constantly explaining to her that it wasn`t in my intention to hurt her back when i got involved with her husband. I fear the moment he will walk by the door and yet hope that he will fall for me. I am uncomfortable wearing pijamas and think of changing into my prom cloths but nevertheless feel it would be inappropriate as she might guess my intentions. So i just put some moisture foundation on to cover at least a bit my appearance. He arrives and doesn`t say anything. I feel nervous and his wife tells me to sleep in the living room. I remember that the walls were orange and the bad was too big for me. He came into the room and stood on the bad while next to me while i was watching tv. I hoped that he would say something to let me know he feels attracted to me but the wife comes into the room and he drags away. Suddently, somebody says that we should go. I panic as i have am asthma crisis and can`t breathe and can`t find my inhalor. The wife offers to give me hers just so we can leave sooner, but i refuse as i know that no other inhalor but mine would help me breathe again. Next thing all three of us are in the street on our way to my grandmother (to the same apartment we left from, but i only became aware of that after i woke up). It is very dark outside, i try to walk along him but the wife guesses my intention and comes to stay between us. The whole dream he didn`t say a single word. Compared to the beginning of the dream when i thought of her as sensitive and tolerant, i find her now vengeful, jealous and arrogant. I resent having apologized to her earlier. I am also very sad realizing that i forgot to take my pretty cloths for the prom. I know that i could never go back to their place and take them, i am angry for not having any other outfit to wear as i was counting on that to give me a confident appearance. While longing for my cloths i suddently become afraid on an even worse thought: she will search through my cloths, i am sick thinking that she will touch them, i try to remember whether i had any diary where i wrote that i was eager to see her husband. i became more and more frustrated and afraid, we are almost entering the house and i want to ask them to go back but i know it isn`t possible, i feel despaired and i wake up.

since the whole dream is related to this, i should provide further details. It happened long ago and i stopped thinking about it soon after it ended. It was more aplatonic affair after encountering once in a trip and sharing a kiss. We discovered more similarities between us via internet, i felt confident and dominant as he was sharing intimate thoughts and fears but we were soon to brake all connections because his wife found out and things got complicated and he felt this was the right thing to do, and i accepted the decision. I always felt that i appreciate and understand the valences of this experience and that it made me wiser when it comes to relationships, but never fell in love again afterwards. Other information which might be of help is that in the day before i had the dream i just submitted my application for a study program in another country. i already finished a university in my country and everybody judges me for wanting to start over saying that i wasted these years for nothing. I know this is what i want to do but i couldn`t help of asking myself before i went to sleep if this is really my guarantee to success.

scenes from a movie dreams

I've had a few dreams where it seems like they're scenes from a movie, but none like I've I've seen and I'm a character. The most interesting one was this old museum that, many years back, used to be a home to a wealthy family. Anyway, in the dream I was standing around a table in one of the rooms with the people who owned the museum and they were dressed up in prairie clothing. Never met the people before in my life! It could actually feel the coldness of the room. The women in the room started to shake and whimper. Then for some reason one young woman opened the double window and flung herself out, towards the ground below. The museum/home was at least 3 stories. I remember yelling "No!" I couldn't move, nobody could or chose not to, to catch her. After that it was like my mind jumped scenes, because next I started seeing the town on fire! Young adults and teenagers, some of them drunk, were rioting in the streets. Burning everything in site! Except the museum. My mind then jumped to a new scene where I was sitting in old automobile with three other people. Two were from employees at the museum, but the other I didn't recognize. Anyway we were being chased by another car. The girl beside me was really freaking out yelling, "He's insane! Truely insane!" I didn't know who she was talking about but I woke up after that. What does all that mean and why did I dream it?

two dreams symbols flying and chase

i have two dreams that i often have that would be really good if you could tell me what they first dream is one that i have been having for around 6 years and it started when my mum got really sick. what happens in the dream is i am flying down stairs, but its not like done easily and i'm struggling to keep myself up. i fly outside and down the road for a little while but then i get a sudden urge to go back home. i open the front door to find my dad sitting on the couch with my mum lying across his lap. she is all bandaged up with a sord stuck into her. on her bandages there is a large red cross. i then run to the kitchen to find these evil looking men and women who then take me away. at this stage i usually wake up so i don't know what happens next.
the second dream that occures occasionally is a dream where you are being chased by someone and when you try to scream for help i find that i can't talk, like i have no voice.
please help me understand what these dreams mean.

meaning of dreams: dream dignow

Personal Blogs

wood dream

I had this dream almost a year ago now and I was wondering if I could have some light shed on it in hopes of a better understanding.I was eighteen, my brother four. I don't remember why, but we were running away from something or someone and the only thing I could think of was that I had to protect him, like a matriarchal instinct. We live in the country so there's a lot of woods and fields around the house, and we were running through them, towards the east, southeast, away from the house. At first I thought it was my dad that we were running away from (it's just my dad, brother and me), but I realised a second later that it wasn't, but I couldn't remember, in the dream, who it was. After a while, it starts to be about mid-day, early afternoon, and we come to this house out in the middle of the woods, a little way from this dirt road. The next thing I know, my brother wasn't with me, as if he wasn't there in the first place, but I still felt the need to protect him. Every house in the country runs on a well, and there was one at the side/backyard of the house. It's wierd but I still remember exactly what the house looked like: grey siding on the sides and back, grey brick on the front, white door, white shutters, a big evergreen tree in the front yard on the left side of the house, and a big wood rap-around deck. So I went to the well and opened the top and there was this terrible smell coming from the bottom. There was a ladder leading down so I decided to climb down it and see what it was. I slipped on the last rung and fell into what I thought was water. I was wrong. It was a pool of blood up to my knees and floating in it were body parts. Horrified I climbed back up and ran into the house (for whatever reason) and inside it was much of the same thing; almost like one of those Saw movies or something. Blood everywhere and bodies left, right and centre. I was crying so hard by that time I couldn't think straight, and I heard foootsteps coming down the stairs. It was my brothers grandfather, and at that moment I knew it was him all along. He had my brother by the throat and killed him right infront of me, and that's when I woke up.Now the wierd thing is about a week later my mother picked my up to go to her house and took a different way then usual. I had never in my life been that way before (with my father moving there only a few years previous) and I thought it looked familiar and got a weird feeling that I just couldn't shake. It got worse and worse as we drove down the road until the point where I made my Mom pull over it was so bad. I just knew we shouldn't go any further. I got out of the car to get some air and I was standing at the end of the drive-way of the house from my dream. Like I said, I had never gone down that road before and I haven't since.I have never had an experience like that nor have I had a dream so vivid and colourful. It was like I was really there. I could smell everything, touch, feel, I felt pain, anything that you would every day of your life.I hope this is enough information for someone to try and give feedback on. Like I previously stated, I just want to be able to understand, no matter how vague that understanding may be.

hair on fire dream

Want to know meaning of getting your hair on fire, finally I put out the fire with water, but have to cut it shorter.First time I dream this ever! Very curious!

My first dream is I'm lying in bed at my old house, and looking out into the hallway. I can hear loud footsteps as if someone is coming down the hall. But no one ever comes. Then I wake up.My second dream, it's night time and the only light is from the moon, me and my dad are driving in the car, and we go to drive up a steep hill. At the top of the hill are five men on horses. There are no barricades on the side of the road at the top, it just drops into nothing. When me and my dad get near the horses, three of them jump off the edge, and the other two run. Then my dream ends. I have them both a lot.

jealousy issues dream

In the past two nights I had a dream about my fiance's ex-fiance. I dreampt that she came back into his life and they started to hang out again as friends. I left him because of it and this did not phase him. When my fiance and I started dating three years ago, I had this dream (or variations of it) all the time. It has been two years since I had a dream like this until now. Does this mean that she is going to come back into his life; or that she already has and I dont know about it?
I have jealousy issues and just the idea of them talking and hanging out makes my stomach turn.

sea - meaning of dreams

I dreamt i was away with my colleagues from work and when i went into the sea i had a jelly fish stuck to my back and they couldn't get it off. I then had to ask a lifeguard that was in the sea to get it off. I then told my colleagues that i wasn't going in the sea again and i was going in the jacuzzi.

a dream that scared me

So i had a dream and it truely did scare me. I was at my moms house and in her room on the second floor.for some reason there were boxes in he room and one lamp on the floor, like she was either moving out or moving in. I've had dreams before that i had been in labor, occurring in many different places, in these dreams. well i was in my moms room and i had gone into labor and within minutes delivered a baby girl. The ubilical cord was still attatched and i had left her because i was scared. i went downstairs to look for my mom. i was crying and i couldnt find anyone. i went outside and i ran into some friends but they all looked at me like i was crazy and didnt know if they should send me to a mental hospital or get me on some serious medication. i was crying so hard, on the ground because i was so scared. No one would help me. i ran back into the house and up the stairs. by the time i had gotten to the room, the baby i had given birth to just moments before was lying on the floor, dead... it looked plastic. and the dream was over.

dream: ex boyfriend tried to kill me

I had a dream that an ex boyfriend tried to kill me. The weapon was interesting itwas strange like a dagger but also like a letter opener. like a heart shape at one end for the hilt and a tear drop at the other for the point. he stabbed me in the chest in the centre but there was no bone, blood was everywhere it wouldnt stop flowing but i would not die. my friends were trying to help and get me to a hospital, but we kept on getting stopped he my ex kept on following us, still with this weapon,
this dream is concerning me please can you shed some light on what it means
i went out with him for 3 weeks and i got a mate to dump him

meaning of dreams: relationships and biblical Canaan

I am dating this guy named Brian. We've been together for almost three years. We are both 16 years old. We haven't lost our virginity yet, but we've come very close to doing so. I love him but lately I feel sort of distant. Over the summer, I thought i was falling in love with one of my best friends Alex. He is so intune with my tangent mind. He and I think completely alike. He and i became pretty close friends over the summer when he was trying to get over a hopeless romance with his best friend jordan, who had Alex wrapped around her finger for 2 years. Lo and behold, she just recently decided that she is just as in love with him as he was with her. They're now going out. I'm not sure how i feel about this. I'm happy that Alex is happy, I would give anything to see him happy and off drugs. But its as if he's been taken from me.
Sorry i haven't even started talking about the dream yet. This is just somewhat of an exposition. I hope someone actually reads all of this.
So in a nutshell: I am in a very serious relationship, in which I'm starting to feel very neglected. Although Alex wasn't in my dream, I can stop thinking about him in my waking life.
I had a dream earlier this week. The time setting was biblical Canaan. I somehow found out, I think through time travel, that a marriage between Brian and myself had been arranged. I came back to what was the present, and i found Brian and two girls (who i sit next to in Music Theory- significant?) involved in some kind of menage a trois minus the actual. Driven by jelously, i tried to separate them by hitting and punching Brian. They started laughing and i stormed angrily into a concert hall. Somehow unbeknownst to me, I ended up back in the future, preparing with my mother for my wedding to Brian. The wedding ceremony took place in the Colosseum and Brian and I were wed by the priest in a giant gerbil ball that was rolling around the Colosseum floor. We were all in the gerbil ball. Then i woke up.

good looking guy in a dream

Hello, I'm a 16 year old girl. The latest dream I had involved a guy that I think is really good looking, have only spoken to twice regarding his friend, but I don't really think I have any sort of 'crush' on (but would like to :p). I am on the phone with him in my room and we are talking (he has rung me). He says that he'll just go round to the supermarket and pick up some junk food and then be round my place. I momentarily move the phone away from my ear and when I put it back he is gone. Suddenly he is in my room and so are three of my friends: female best friend, female close friend, male close gay friend. Whenever my gay friend has my attention, the cute guy will try and regain my attention. Thats the main part (and most curious for me) of my dream. The last few months (6 approx), I've had multiple dreams of guys that i find reasonably good looking and better. I'm just curious as to what they mean in relation to me. (Admittedly I broke up with my first boyfriend almost a year ago and have been single ever since).

meaning of dreams: Grandmother death

It is the second time I've had the dream. My Grandmother has died. In my waking life we are very close. While I am paralyzed by grief , my family seems to have accepted it. I'm nowhere near that part. I cry, and cry, and cry. She's gone for good. She isn't coming back and all I want is to talk with her, but I can't. I'm devastated. I'm a 20 year old female and no one in my family has died yet. The first time I had the dream, she came back. She was a spirit and we conversed frequently. I would call, "Grandma, come out." and she would come. My family thought I was crazy.Grandma recently had a minor surgery. It went well and I had the dream after the surgery. The thought of her death, or my mother's for that matter, terrifies me. Right now I'm struggling with my "self." I want to go back to college. I want to live my life. I want to be happy. I want to write with passion. I want love, I want more friends. I want a more fulfilling life! I've been diagnosed as dysthymic, that was 5 months ago. I've been moderately to severely depressed since I can remember. Happiness is a rare little package that I'm sometimes lucky enough to find on my doorstep...I don't know if any of this information is useful, but I would really love to know what you think, whomever you are.