dream large king cobra

A large king cobra is chasing a smaller snake which is chasing a mouse in my kitchen on the counter. I call for my husband to get rid of the snakes and he does.

Other info: Dream was really clear. I looked into the eye of the king cobra.

meaning of dreams shopping for a wedding

I dream that my daughter and I was shopping for a wedding band. I am single and is praying to get married

menaing of dreams mountain

i am chained down at the base of a mountain and about thirdy ft away is a pit of steaks and on the ledge of the mountain i see my boyfriend getting chained into a metal cage and the cage is moved above the pit and i hear him screaming as i am forced to watch by a hooded figure standing behind me that holds my chains and keeps my face looking twards the cage that my boyfriend is in and all of a sudden i see it drop and hear him scream and he lands on the steaks and his blood splaters on my face and i wake as soon as his warm blood hits my face and i wake up in a hot sweat crying and screaming and the last time i woke up crying blood and everytime i hear my boyfriends voice it reminds me of his scream and his blood on my face and i try to keep back the tears but for a while i couldnt hear his voice without crying

meaning of dreams man bites

I had a dream that a man was touching me and then he was pulling me towards him and i couldn't see his face just his hands and arms, and i was trying to bite his hands off me, and then i was about to get arrested, and then i woke up

meaning of dreams

My uncle passed away two years ago due to brain cancer. while on earth i never got to tell him that i loved him. One other time i had a dream that i got to, but recently i was hoping for the chance to talk to him again. Last night i had a dream that me, him, my mom, and my grandpa were in a fancy house doing i forget what, and while my mom and grandpa were doing something else, me and my uncle were cleaning a big wall that was just a really big mirror for some reason. Finally he turned to me and said,"hey buddy ill be right back," and for some reason in my dream i knew what he was talking about. Before he made it outside i called out to him and told him i loved him. He told me he loved me back and walked outside. I ran out after him just in time to see him disappear as if vanishing back to the heavens. I started crying not only because he was gone and i was sad, but i knew god saw me watch him go back to heaven. What else could this possibly mean?

meaning of dreams love

First I need to say something about my personal life. A few months ago I met a guy online, we started talking, we have video calls as well, and we fell in love not long ago. We've never met in real life, he was about to come to me about a month ago, but he told me he couldn't one day before. That left me really sad and now he said he's coming in a few weeks. I do have doubts about his arrival though. So last night I dreamt that he came and we spent a beautiful night together, making love. But not long after that he bacame angry about something (I don't know what, I don't remember whether he made it clear about that or not) and he started ignoring me. Then as the day went on, each time I tried to come close to him and talk to him, he just turned and went away without saying anything. I need to add he doesn't seem that way in real life - exactly the opposite. He gives a lot of attention to me and he's very loving. Although, this is not the first dream I had like this. A few nights ago I also dreamt that he was showing me his town and we were walking around. And I tried to hold his hand a few times, but he never wanted to hold mine.

meaning of dream foot pain

I had a dream that I had pain in the heal of my foot and that it was painful to walk on it. I took a look at the bottom of my foot and there was a hole in it and something in the hole. I squeezed the hole it was like a rubber worm and I pull it out with my fingers

what does my dream mean

what does my dream mean? everyone would like to know the true and the real meaning of their dreams. after all we are very curious to reveal the secrets behinds those little images that appears to us when we dream at night.

here is a great article on the topic of:
what does my dream mean

interpret dream diary update

3 dreams updated on interpret dreams diary website.

meaning of bathroom dreams

My crush and I were sitting in my bedroom on the floor leaning against eachother looking out the window at the stars. We could see tons of stars and satalites shooting by. Then all of a sudden we were in his truck about to get on the highway and we drove by a mcdonalds that had a huge line at it, my crush told me that he needed to put his sister to bed then he would take me home. Then we were at his house and me and my parents went across the street to a different house to talk to them about crack cocaine (my parents have a ministry to help people with crack cocaine addictions) while he went into his own house. Then all of a sudden I was in my crushes house at his bedroom door it was closed so I opened it to look inside and it looked exactly like my little sister's bedroom except he had a few animal cages in there. He had a twin size bed and on top of it was a flat rectangle pillow type thing but it was bigger than a pillow and there was a bed sheet crumpled up at the end of the bed. Then we were having a birthday party for his sister and we were having dinner but my crush wouldn't sit next to me and I couldn't figure out why and I was eating some cheesy potatoes that were very delicious.

car dream

I dreamt that I was back to 5 years old and my family had bought a new 2 storey link house and I was in a room in the upper floor changing clothes. When I looked out the window which is hanging with white curtains, I saw a young lady holding the hands of her daughter both wearing white dress in the room of the house next to ours staring back at me smiling. I told my mother about what I saw and in the dream, we were informed by other neighbours that the woman and the child I saw actually used to live in the house next to us and few years back the lady committed suicide with her daughter when she found out that her husband had secret affairs. The news is that the lady threw her daughter out on the road at a car driving pass and she then threw herself out as well. Both the lady and her daughter died being crash by the car.

meaning of ballroom dream

I’m in a beautiful gown in the centre of all the attention in the middle of a ballroom. It seems to be in the 1980’s. I am envied, beautiful and comfortable with everyone. My mother and grandmother are in the other room, yet no one but me acknowledges their presence. I am not necessary looking for a husband, yet I find many. A young, handsome man about my age is interested. We chat, and I grow to like him. I leave the party and head to my mother and grandmother. I tell them about the young man, and they are not happy. They want me to marry someone like me. I return to the ball and the meet another young man; I believe he was a twin of the first man. He is handsome, but rather than shy like his brother, he is confident, cocky and charming. I like him as much as his brother. I leave to inform my family about this new young man. My mother and grandmother have yet to smile. I don’t care, I like them both. I return to the party to find it is time to choose. I don’t know who to choose, I like them both. They both like me very much. It is not clear who I had chosen. I wake up.

This dream is new and so different from myself. I'm not usually comfortable around so many people. In my dream I was the same age, 15, yet I was allowed to marry.

baby dream

I dreamed that i had a baby and i threw it down a well of clear water and then retrieved it out, this happened repeatedly and each time the water went from clear to very dirty.

meaning of dream beautiful garden

i was with friends, i was happy, we were on a white water rafting inflatable and almost on what seemed a nature discovery. it was beautiful. clear sky, rushing water, beautiful Canadian geese and colorful mallards bathing in the sun. then i was in my own raft with Nic and we were leading the group although no one was following. He was in the back and I was in the front, we went through this narrow pathway---maybe a door, or a bridge. and we came into what LOOKED like a beautiful garden. Shallow water that we could just wade through, relax and enjoy. But as we were entering this path our raft go continually smaller it then felt like i was on a single inner tube with my arms and feet hanging on the sides. this little water garden, very japanese garden style, was slowly becoming less beautiful as we got a closer look, it was dark (the sky was grey), the water black and placid, full of algea, dead plants. This place also had ducks but these ducks were so small and were dead, floating on top of the water. suddenly the water levels were becoming lower and lower and i was telling Nic to get us out of here. i was trying to paddle with my lower extremeties--since they were dangling over the edge. Then I felt a sudden shock in my left calf screamed and told Nic something hurt, it felt like I'd been bit, and then the raft wasn't even moving anymore, the water had become so shallow that it was now just large slippery rocks. so now i'm out of the raft trying to walk us through the rest of the rocky water to get out of the garden because I dont want to turn around and go through all the dead ducks again. So I'm dragging this exceedingly heavy raft over these rocks. My calf is really hurting now. It felt like catcus stickers in my skin. I look down and see barbs coming out of my leg. I dont freak out, I just call Nic over to see them and to help me get them out. He looks at my leg (although I never see him) and pulls one barb out with the end of his tee shirt then says, in a very calm manner---the kind of calm that you know something is wrong--- yes, it does look like something bit you when your legs were in the water, just hold on, I'll get help. So I say I TOLD YOU, I knew I'd felt something, As I was about to look at my leg he adverts my eyes saying it's best that I don't look, it is a piranaha has burried itself in my calf and we'll need to cut it out.I still remain semi calm but I am now left literaly up a creek without a paddle, raft, husband, and sun light.
Then the next part of my dream--- i guess that part was over, with no resoultion.I was getting ready to leave, what I can assume to be Australia, and someone whom I thought was a friend is literaly moving my clothes from their drawers and packing me up. She tells me that she never liked, me never will, and she was glad I was leaving... then we called eachother a bunch of different names. Then as I go to the stairway to go downstairs to find Nic I see him talking to his mom and asking "before I do this, I need to know what you really think". So i go back the other way and keep fighting with Hannah. Then our fight swells down and continues to unpack in MY space. She and I then pass eachother in the hall way as I am taking all my stuff because I know excately what has happened downstairs and I am ready to get out of here. When we pass eachother Hannah said, is everything okay? I heard Donna say "her mother will be waiting for her". And as Im going downstairs my detest for Hannah has not wanned and I yell back, "like you care bitch! mind your own business". As i get to the bottom of the stairs I am confronted with Donna who is relentless for a hug---needless to say i give in. Then there is Nic hiding and crying; broken hearted as to what he's about to do to me. ----you guessed it, he calls off the wedding. I'm not even broken hearted, just pissed, I start telling him off and then......

pregnant dream

i had a dream where the girl i have a crush on was pregnant and we were dating happily. the only thing is the last time i had a dream my like this me and my x got together

weird dream

Last night i had a very weird dream. This dream started out with me and my two friends Erin and Kiana were driving to a city named belen. Erin and kiana are sisters. Well Erin was driving and we were trying to find a road but in order to get to this road we had to cross over a cemented road that was built over a ditch. We were starting to see it and all of a sudden Erin started swerving off and i was yelling stop stop there is a ditch but she for some reason kept going. She ended up going straight into the ditch. All i remember is going into the water and the first thing i thought was open this door and swim to the top. Thats what i did as i was swimming to the top i grabbed hold of erins hand an we made it to the top together. We all met up and were sitting on the side of the ditch and these 4 people walked up and they werent no ordinary people. They ran past us really fast. Faster then normal people can run. I was yelling please help us but they kept going. An the next thing i know was we were in some house with those four poeple and one of them was rapping me an my two friends couldnt do anything about it cause the other people were holding them hostage. An my mind skipped another scene and the next thing i remember was the guy pulling me out and was telling me to shut up an was about to rape me again. My friends were no where to be found. Then my mind shut off that scene and the next scene was i was standing out ina field in orange clothes. That is the prison down here and thats what they wear. And i was talking to someone i dont remember who it was. i was telling them that i would much rather be here in jail then with those people. And i woke up.

In one of my other dreams i have dreamt about being rapped. My 2 friends that i explained in my story have never really done anyhting good for me. We have fun as in partying etc.. but thats all we do when were together. Ive gotten in trouble with them before with the cops.

meaning of dream remember wood

I really can't remeber the beginning.... im walking thru the wood at night, i see a dirt road and i walk up to the house. the person that answers the door is my ex and he starts hugging me and crying a lot. we end up in his dark room and we are talking on the bed and he is still crying. someone knocks on the door and he gets up to answer it. he tells the person come in with mommy. it's his daugther and she hugs me really tight and is crying a lot. she would not let me go. im like freaking out at this point because my husband is looking for me and i'm feeling my husband is looking for me to kill me because i am with my ex. i don't know it's just wierd!!!! please tell me what it means

meaning of long weird dreams

I was with my brother and sister and we were trying to meet up with my friend Aneal and a couple other people at a restaurant...my grandpa was with us and we kept stopping at store and I was getting frustrated we finally got to where they were waiting for us...Aneal was sitting on a bench outside and it was really, really hot and he was wearing this black velvet jacket and I was like, "are you crazy it’s like 100 degrees out here", and he just laughed and we went to go eat. After we ate Aneal and my brother and sister, and I went to the beach because it was so nice out. While we were there we were messing around with the sand building stuff when these two dogs appeared out of nowhere. They were nice dogs and all 4 of us were playing with them when these men appeared out of nowhere and tried to kidnap the dogs... They didn’t want to hurt any of us they just wanted the dogs. So we save the dogs from these guys and drop my brother and sister off. Now it’s us and this random couple and Aneal says lets go to the beach and we are all like okay. So we start driving and all of a sudden it’s like we fell of the earth and we are now looking at it! His truck does some sick spiral as we fall toward the earth and we land on an island resort somewhere in the Caribbean..... We get out of the truck and we are like wow because it’s gorgeous and we are like we want to go to the beach because we are in paradise. So we start walking through the resort trying to find the beach. Aneal and I are leading the way and that other couple is behind us. Aneal has his arm across my shoulder in an intimate gesture. So we are walking and all of a sudden we hear a cry of pain... So we turn around and it’s the other couple, so we are like what’s up? They said it hurts to be away from each other... So we laughed it off and said stop being dramatic and they said no seriously watch and the guy started to walk away from the girl and when they got to a certain point you could see the pain on both their faces it was so bad there were tears in the guy’s eyes. I could tell it was real pain so I was like okay, okay why is this happening? The Aneal grabbed my hand and I looked at him and said yes? He says don’t move so I said okay... He starts to walk away like the other guy did and when he got to a certain point we were hit by this wave of pain. He stopped walking away and came back, but I was so confused. So he took my hand and we started walking again determined to find the beach. Finally we found our way outside and we asked someone and they were like go that way so we did and we could hear people talking about how awesome the beach was. We rounded a corner there was this pool that had stairs going down one side and you could gradually enter from the other side, like a wave pool. The bottom was painted to look like sand and it was filled with salt water. All of us were like this is not a real beach. Then all of a sudden Aneal scooped me up and started walking toward the "beach". I thought you were going to throw me in so I was screaming at you because we were really close to the stairs. I kept saying stairs, stairs, but you were ignoring me and laughing. So we get to the side of the pool and I’m waiting for him to throw me in and instead he jumps in with me! The pool is actually deeper than it looks and I’m freaking out because the surface is too far and I’m struggling to get some air. Then Aneal pushes me to the top and I'm breathing and laughing with him. We aren’t even cold it’s so beautiful the temperature is perfect and we are like we need a real beach....we are on an island after all... so we start walking again and my dream shifts and we are standing on a real beach on some private island. The water is clear and the sky is clear and it’s just perfect. I guess throughout the dream Aneal and I were a couple....holding hands and hugging...kissing and I woke up from the dream with us standing on the beach looking at the water.

meaning of dream gothic school

i was in my gothic school cafe and i was sitting by my two best friends and on the other side was a guy that was holding my hand and I guess i really liked him and he had a ring that had a heart and said You. He got really stressed about something and i was stroking his hand saying calm down its ok calm down. the weird thing is i don;t know him and i don't have a boyfriend.

gothic - where the school become a real nightmare, you just have to dress in gothic clothing

birthday party dreams

i had a dream that i was walking from a birthday party of my twins and i guess i was going to my mother's house and every thing was good until i looked in the sky and saw the sun rise up real fast with fire and the sun started spining around and hitting things and it would disappear then the sun started spining my way and when i couldn't out run it and just before it touched my i said please god keep it from me and i closed my eyes then when i opened them i was in outside of a bulding with the big round doors that go around and there was 2 lions in there and i was so scared to go through the doors but i did any way and i got passed one lion but the other one saw me and started running up to me but he didn't do anything and let me on by that is when my alarm clock went off and i woke up.

meaning of dreams clogged toilet

I keep having dreams of clogged toilet and bathrooms, people from my past who are dead coming to life in dreams. Most of them are classmates from high school and I used to date a pass highschool guy I hated. The dreams occur in a church environment or house environment. A few family members I am close to are related in dreams sometimes. Unclear the message!

meaning of horrible dreams

Ever since i was little i've had these horrible, disgusting dreams, and in every single one i die.It's always in a familiar place such as my house, and even after my own death i see the person, or thing that killed me go back and kill anyone that's in the house.An example;One night my friends were at my house, and i fell asleep in between them. My dream started off as if someone was just observing us sleeping, but i couldn't see who or what it was. Then a man slammed open my door, and reached around my one friend to get to me then proceeded to drag me to my basement. He violently threw me into a bathtub where he began to slice my arms and legs with some sort of a knife. When there was enough of my blood in the tub, he shoved my head underneath it, as if to drown me in my own blood. I grabbed the side of the tub to try and pull myself up, but i couldn't. After I was dead he went up for my two friends.Before I saw him kill anyone else, my friend woke me up, she said that I grabbed onto her arm and woke her up, then let go and stopped breathing. I also had cuts all over me.I'm not sure what any of it means, but I have these 'dreams' every night.I've been told you're not supposed to actually be able to die in your dreams, because you'd die in real life, but i do for whatever reason.Sometimes the dreams are so bad I try to avoid sleeping.Please help tell me what these dreams could mean.

meaning of dreams spiritual house man

I had a dream I was in a house with different people who are from all parts of my life. I'm not sure whose house it was though. It could have been mine. Everyone was in the house doing their own thing. I had an invitation to go to a clients house for a function and I was trying to get ready. I got a call from a friend of mine who is very spiritual. An elderly man who I have just recently gotten to know. He told me that I had to get out of the house right away because "they" were coming. I can't remember exactly who "they" were. But I took it to mean they weren't good people. I was trying to get everyone to leave and was rushing then "they" showed up. But the police showed up just before them and when I looked outside there was this barrier of these people but the police were between these people and this house I was at.

This old man who called me is a very spiritual person who is in my life. I have helped him out financially lately but have always had this level of uncertainty in my mind as to the true reason why he wanted this money. I wanted to always believe him because of who he is and what he stands for but always had doubts.

meaning of dreams stair room

days ago, i was trying to project in my room. i was pretty much awake, i don't know when did i doze off. i don't exactly know if this is in the same order as i had it and i don't remember it all. i remember been on a stair, an old stair like those ancient Mayan building stairs. i was just a couple step away from the top, just a stair up i was looking down at this little house, low as my knee, build on a stair. it had a glow as if the inside was light but it had no cover, no roof. i remember the color of the wall were white, it was beautiful. i did not remember the the placement of the rooms, but i know it was in a shape of rectangle or square although it look more square than rectangle.
more blank and i was in a room, using the toilet with no wall(no private) and i could see a open door (there's no door) leading to the next room. the interior of that room was light and i thought it must be beautiful but i dare not go inside instead i walk out. i had a feeling that i shouldn't go inside. i feel a bit of fear, as if something in the dream scare me. i had this thought that i had been there. But not at that part of the house.
blank again then i saw these golden square, it was light as if i could see through, so many next to each other and behind, it's like the vision of a bee. that was all i can see.
blank again, i was walking dodging a tree branches and go into the wood. i could not tell, but when i first explain it to myself i refer it to as the wood. it was in third person view, it was as if i was behind but i refer to that person as me. it's kind of weird. the person did not look like me, i don't see the face, but the shape of the body is not me. i was not that skinny(i'm chubby), and i did not have such fair skin. the skin was light, but look a bit tan; it had a oil to it like those photo that had been edit by photoshop. i was wearing this top that cover the fronts, because i see these little strap tie around the neck and one around the waist line and my back was bear with a prefect shown of the spine-bone and the curves of the waist. if i remember right, the hair was put in a ponytail, and it long. i was dress weird in a skirt i believe go down to my knee( the way it was put on was like those thai princess short skirt)
blank, then the person i refer to am me, came up to a road and this guy told me something ( as i remember him he look tall or short, but i was sure he was chubby?-ahh my memory is messing with me), he warn me i believe because i did not go any far-er. i turn to the left and that was a shop. then i was no longer in those clothes, but fully clothes, i don't remember the clothes and i should be seeing the face because i turn turn toward myself and the side view but i did not remember the face at all.
The shop owner did not look human although it had human features, it was selling stuffs, weird stuffs like fabric rose and sticker and these things i could not remember. a lady, because it look more like a woman, was in a thing that look like those little build in things that ppl who are guarding places usually stay in. but she had her face and her shoulder and arms out the big window. i believe she was guarding the shop, the cashier i think. then another lady, about the same height as me gave me a light pink rose in a clear plastic wrapping while i was looking at the stuffs, i think it was a she?, she told me i brought it but it came back, something like that. then i saw a dark red pink and i also like that one. before that i see my sister, i call her sister but she did not look like my sister at all and we were discussing which one to buy. i was starting to think that it was weird and think this place was familiar and then i see myself as a child been here before. i was with someone i would call mom but she did not look like my mom at all, and there so many people around us but when the thought went away the place were desert with only me the one i call sister and those people and it seem to have fog around it. i start to become more aware, it was like i was getting out of the dream.And then suddenly i had the feeling of like when i am in sleep paralyze, the big loud noise in the ears, filling it up. i hold it for a while, then i thought i saw these figure, in cloak with hood like little red hood, the person stand at my feet to the left of the bed. it was the one i pay most attention or tend to see more of. i feel that it wasn't the only one, i feel as if they were all around me in a circle. the color of the cloak look dark red, but it look like it had a light to it, like a glow from within the cloak. i'm not too clear on the color i did not have time to look, everything were shaking in my vision at the same time my body had a sensation you call pain as if i was shifting ( you know as if the speed were too fast on the body).a more intense feeling than when the airplane took off and is landing.this is the best i can describe what i remember.

bible dream

In the old testment in the bible it said that' s Jonah who been swollow him up in 40 days or night's and in the new testement in the bible it's said that the coin was swollow as well. also it said that about the keys, rock and becomea leader

meaning of dreams dog

So about a couple years ago I had a dream that I will NEVER forget. In real life I had a dog named scamp. And me and my family moved into a new house. I knew it was haunted with something the moment I stepped in. Later on my dog passed away. But anyways, in my dream I was going to bed and I was scared so I made my boyfriend trevor sleep with me. And for some reason I told trevor not to say the name scamp past 1200 or bad things would happen. So when 1200 hit.. Of course trevor started repeating the name. My room started shaking... My 2 crosses I have on my wall turned upside down and this black shadow figure started crawling on my wall towards me. I will never forget the long sharp teeth and those red eyes ... Felt like it was looking into my soul.it came right up to my face was breathing on me and starring at me I told my dad the next day what happened (still in my dream) and he started going on about daemeon and the apocalypse. See the twist was when I actualy woke up I had to ask my dad what the apocalypse was and I was creeped out I would dream about that and not even know what it was!! Please help ever since then I have dreams often about my family being possesed and me trying to pray for them.. But in my dream I ALWAYS forget the lords prayer.. What does this mean?

ferret training dreams

To dream about a ferret at night, can symbolize that you dont trust someone and would like to check his motives more carefully. Ferret dreams can also suggest a desire to search for new things.

ferret training for more information about ferret training games

meaning of dreams teeth

I had a dream that I was grinding my teeth and I couldn't stop no matter how hard I tried, It was like a terrible habit. And then one of my teeth fell out, I started crying and then my front tooth fell out. I felt like my whole life was ruined and I looked hideous and then all of a sudden my other front tooth fell out.. I realised all my teeth were crowded and that is why I was grinding them and then all my teeth started dropping one by one.. And then I woke up, very shaken..

dream getting married

yesterday I had this vivid dream of seeing my husband getting married and I was a part of the function...how do I interpret this? kindly help

meaning of family dreams

if every dream has its meaning, do you think you can help me interpret it?so here's how it goes:"i was with my family sitting (we are all 6). we we're all sitting on a chair, chatting. when suddenly the ground shake it began to crack. 3 of us were sitting near the crack, then the rest was at the back. i took a wrong step then i fell. i asked my family for help but they didn't help they just laughed at me, except for my younger sister she tried to help but she failed. so i fell in a dark whole, i thought it was the end of my life. then when i reached the bottom, it's not even dark. in fact, the lights were all on and i was in a school. after a few minutes of wandering around 2 guys that i know came in (they are brothers), then my sister, who tried to help me, came in."

meaning of dreams house

My dream has happened a couple of times and has really disturbed me. My dream starts out with me pulling up to my house and I think I have my 2 oldest children in the car with me. I don't remember. Anyway, I get out of the car and go inside the house and start to relax. It seems like a few hours later but I have a nagging feeling that I forgot something in the car. I finally get up to go and check and find my youngest child who appears to be around a year old (he's actually 3) and he looks like he's almost dead and his lips are like a light blue color. I quickly pull him out of the car and rush him in the house and he sort of stirs and looks up at me and he looks like he's trying to say something to me. But I don't know what he's saying to me. I wake up at that point and it really has freaked me out. I have a hard time going back to sleep and getting the image of him out of my head.

meaning of dreams watching tv

My dream is rather short.In the dream, I am watching something unimportant, probably a TV. Then I feel a kiss on my cheek. I try to turn my head to see who it is, her head is already resting on mine. I then rest my head on hers. I never saw her face, but I saw that she had silvery white hair, and wore a black coat, almost like a trench coat.The thing I remember most is nervously and hesitantly giving her a one-armed embrace and a feeling of absolute affection.

I recently decided for myself to stop looking for love, and let it find me. However, I currently do have a crush on this one girl, but her situation means that she isn't looking for a relationship, and I don't think I would have a chance with her anyway.

Aztec Calendar 2012

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Bipolar disorder meaning of dreams

I would just like to say that i have this dream every time my brother becomes ill (he suffers with bi-polar)... I am with my brother, and he has got a silver key from somewhere, i ask him where he got the key from but he just tells me to "follow him" So i do, and we end up at a block of flats, quite old looking, grey and only about 3 storys high. We go into the flats, upto the top floor, and come to a dark brown door, i ask him whos' flat this is and he says he doesnt know, but it will provide shelter for us. So he unlocks the door, and we go inside. The door leads straight into the main room. In this room is an old looking tv, a few empty book cases, a dirty green carpet, a mirror, and a small round brown table with nothing on it. Suddenly (and i dont know how) but i realise that the old lady who used to live here had recently died. Upon saying this to my brother, a smart looking lady walks in, she is wearing a black skirt suit. She doesnt seem phased by the fact that we are in there, but instead asks us if we are the old ladys gran children, i say no she is our aunty. The lady then says, that we are entitled to the inheritance that she left. Me and my brother are excited, and the lady leaves. Me and my brother then leave the room, lock the door, and make our way back down to the ground floor. Waiting for us on the bottom of the stairs, are a group of kids younger than us. They start saying mean things (of which exactly i can never seem to remember) i turn around to brother, and he is gone. Then i wake up.

My brother suffers with Bipolar disorder, and sometimes gets ill and goes manic. I always have this dream at this time.Please help me understand this, as i have been trying to interpret it my self for ages, but with no luck.