Dream Analysis - Meaning Of Dreams : school

My dream starts off in mid-afternoon at the High school that I graduated from in 2000. Im following behind a young couple who is arguing about being kicked out of school for fighting each other. The female is wearing a gray short sleeve t-shirt with blue spandex shorts and the male was wearing a white t-shirt, blue jeans and a baseball cap. I followed down the block as they kept arguing, I was almost trying to council them.

As it gotten darkerI returned to the school. Once inside I was holding my two year olds hand, walking him to class. None of the classes were usual classes that you would expect. I remember feeling a need to rush to find my sons class. When we gotten to his class it was a swimming class. When we gotten inside the lights were off and the there was one light on inside the students closet. The brightness was coming from a projector screen that was a simulated ocean with pretty fish. The teacher told us dont be late again, and my son went straight over and started to practice his skills with the other students. I never saw the faces of the students or the teacher, I was so focused on my son. My son was wearing a white tang-top, blue protective arm wear, and a yellow donut around his waist. He also had a snorkel with yellow tubing. I sat in the back watching excited but trying to stay quite.

When I left out of his class I went into another class room for myself. When I arrived in the classroom there were a lot of family members sitting around for a funeral of my uncle who died many years ago. He died of effects from the Vietnam war. Once I walked up to some family members who were trying to push me up to the casket. For some reason I didnt want to go up there, I was pushing back as I was looking at him. I finally went up to him and a Aunt was fixing his arm from sticking up. I remember kissing him, and saying that I never had a chance to say good bye. My uncle started talking to me in my head and was telling me to learn to let things go, even things you love. I remember thinking of the military. I teared up as I walked away. That was basically the end of the dream.

I'm curently in the military after following footsteps of many family members. My uncle looked nothing like what he really looks like. In life he was dark complected but in my dream he was light fair skin like myself. My aunt in the dream I haven't talked to in years. My son is my everything, I stayed in the military because I found I was pregnant with him the year I was do to get out. He has so much energy and wants to do everything but is only two. He loves trains, water, and music. I recently been having problems a lot of problems with situations in the military, and I want my last two years to end tomorrow, if that was possible. It's important to know that I always wanted to be in the military even as a little girl. I withdrew from college just to fufill my dream. I just dont want my dreams to burden my child, I feel like thats where it's headed. I love what I do and I swore in for a reason and that was to serve, I dont think I can let this life style go.