The funny devil dream

I once had a dream that reccured for a few nights. It was about the devil i recognised the place where i was and the background was all black and red and the music in the background was all horrible and surly. The first night he was talking to me but when i wake up i never remember what he is saying to me bu8t each time he starts laughing and sets his three black dogs on I run and they chase me but dont catch me the second night exactly the same thing happens in same order but this time they get a bit closer the third night exactly the same things again in same order only this time one of the dogs manages to catch me right at the back of my heels and bites me right on my bottom it was a horrible dream and the music was off putting enough never mind the dogs!!!! what does it all mean? and why was the devil finding me so funny!!!?

scary bear dream

Okay, you will probably laugh, but I recently dreamed I opened a package of gummy bears, ate one, then the rest of the gummy bears were angry at me and jumped out of the bag and started chasing me around my home. I am not kidding.

relationship dream

Some history for you to better understand my dream: I just finished my freshman year of college. I've only had one seriously relationship in my life, we'll say his name is Brian, and we had to break-up before I left for college since I am so far away. I truly loved him and it took months for me to get over him, although I believe I will never truly be over him since he was my first love. Also I am still fairly close to him and talk to him every now and then since his younger brother is my best friend. He hasn't been in a relationship in the six or so months since our break-up and neither have I until now. I just started seeing another guy, who's name also happens to be Brian.
My dream starts out at a graduation or something similar for me. At the end of the ceremony I see my ex, Brian, and go running towards him. He's wearing black pants and a black dress shirt with a silver tie. I'm wearing a black skirt with a black blazer over a white shirt. Throughout the whole dream my white slip beneath my skirt keeps showing so I'm constantly adjusting it.
Brian holds his arms out and I jump into them and he crushes me to his body. When he finally lets go, he holds me about the waist as we walk out of the building. His grip is pretty firm.
He says something funny to me and I drape my arm across his stomach and kind of hug him for a second but when I start to let go he tells me, "Don't. That feels good." So I leave me arm there awkwardly but now I am suspicious because he seems mean, which is completely out of character for him. He starts talking about not letting me go and he pretty much says he wants me back. But I tell him we can't because I'll be going back to school in three months. Then he says something like, "I still want to do something with you" or "You need to do something for me." I have no clue what he's talking about so I keep quiet.
We keep walking and walking down these roads I'm unfamiliar with and he is slowly letting go until I stop and realize he is gone. I don't know where I am so I start running in the direction I think we came from. I remember wishing I had my cell phone so I could call my best friend who is back at the graduation party.
I come across a couple walking and ask them where the hospital is. For some reason that is where the graduation is taking place. I eventually make it back to the hospital and I go into a room where everyone is dancing. I see this guy I kind of know but haven't talked to in years, Barry, and I ask him to help me find Brian. He tells me to hang on a second. While I am waiting, this really handsome guy walks past me and I think he is dressed like Prince Charming. He smiles at me and says something like, "You're pretty," and keeps walking. Then I spot Brian's best friend, Will, so I go running up to him and I ask him if he's seen Brian. He tells me, "He was in the bathroom and he is really pissed." Then I shout back, "Well I'm pissed at him too!"
Then Barry and I leave to go find Ryan, with Will and his girlfriend following us. As we're walking out Barry asks me about the Prince Charming guy and I just said, "It's nothing, he hit on me, that's all." Then Barry replies, "Don't go out with him," in a very serious voice. I said, "No, no,no! I wouldn't. Plus, everyone knows I'm in love with Brian." (here I am referring to my ex although I don't know why). Barry looks at me weirdly and says, "Isn't that a little old fashioned?" I know he is remarking about the fact that I will only ever love one man and I make some excuse about how I have moved on.
The four of us keep walking and we make it to this cliff but the ravine is filled with rocks so we can pass to the other side. I can see the building Brian is in across the ravine and I am anxious to get across. Barry starts to go across first and as soon as I follow, we realize there is something wrong with the rocks because they are crumbling or something. Then a girl on the cliff says, "They're paper mache' rocks!" I look to Will and I either know for sure or strongly suspect that he has sabatoged me. Somehow the girl that informed us about the rocks gets a rope but it is not long enough for both of us and there isn't much time. I grab the rope and I tell Barry to take my jacket off so he can make a rope out of it to attatch it to the real rope. Unfortunately, this is where I woke up. I struggled to go back to sleep to finish the dream but I couldn't.

parasalized chair dream

im parasalized and cant move i try to get up but cant i call for help cant speak im in total panic then im taken around the room by a force there is a presence of some one there but every time i try to lift my head to see who it is i cant i can feel wind as if thedoor is open i can hear the door opening but cant see who is doing it i can hear footsteps coming toward me but im still paralizied and cant see who it is one night there was someone on the chair while i was pinned to the ceiling i tried to see the face but all i saw was a white gown and the person spoke and asked did i still feel phisayal pain i spoke and said i just want to go to bed then it was all over this has never happened me before and to say im scared afterwards is putting it mildly it started about six months ago and i had a break of about four months but now its back and im afraid to close my eyes to sleep

dream in blue and green colors

I had a dream that I was running uphill on a path through a forest where the trees were being cut down. I got to the top of the mountain and there was a large tractor that was hauling the trees down the mtn. The driver gave me a ride to where it was safe to run again and a ran down through the woods back to a paved road. as I ran, I felt very light on my feet and ran very fast. I got back to the town and that was the end of my dream.

dream about scarry home

I was in my home which looked out to some kind of fair or pier or something. There was a roller coaster in the distance that had broken down and was on fire and all of the people were piling out of the rollercoaster to the sides of the coaster where the emergency stairs were located. They were filing down the coaster when the fire started to make the rollercoaster crumble and people just began to plumet to their death, and I was sitting in my house thinking, somebody has got to call the ambulance. so i started to look for a phone, and then I woke up.

dreaming about books

I have many dreams during the night. And most of them I can't recall. However, many times i have this recurrent dreams of reading a book, I have no idea what its title is, and i read it aloud. Thought he grammar is correct and there was some thought in its content, when i wake up the next day. It doesn't really makes sense. The book varies every dreams

tongue split dream

I have dreamt several times that I see someone having their tongue split in half with amknife. This dream has almost made me sick to my stomach. IThis dream is on my mind constantly. I am a Chrisitian that works for a school that is going through many changes.
There is alot of trumoil because of these changes. But in the long run the changes will be right.

dreams: travel and eyes

I had this dream with Just Two Yellowish greenish eyes staring at me. They looked like they belonged to a old man. The whole dream was just two eyes staring at me. it was very weird.

I had a dream that i travelled to an island in a car. once there someone started beating the car with a baseball bat and i fought him and stopped him. later he took me to an old barn were six of us sat in a large room and one more alone, reading some sort of passage and we placed wax around the holes in the walls. once the lone person started reading the other six peoples faces would change to demons, their mouths were especially horid. and they moved about quickly and sharply. what does this mean?

two short dreams

I was walking to school all of the sudden I'm in a kinder gatedern yard. I am small and weak. I can no longer talk! Soon I am being chased by my enimes I try to scream. I can't no body can hear me. I see a teacher I run toward her I am slow too slow. My legs are weak I walk then crawl. I see her an old lady about 77 she picks me up and rocks me I am no longer in danger

my fiance broke up with me 2 months ago. I have been seeing another guy once aweek for 6 weeks now. I dreamt tonight that i was making out with my ex fiance and 2 teenage boys broke in our house. I touched one of them through the blankets as he was trying to pull them off me and i was trying to stay covered up. they ran out of the house and we chased them down and i started taunting one that was cornered . then he started chasing us and pulled a gun and was going to shoot my ex fiance, as he was trying to get over a chain link fence. thats when i woke up shaking and scared to death. i just wanted to cry at that point. the gunman had on a hoodie hiding his face. the gun was a short barreled riffle of some sort

black snake dream

I dream of this veneomus black snake that I could not kill, and he would raise his head and I would hit it with different objects. I was finally able to cut it with a knife that was really sharp and clear liquid oozed from its body.

broken window dream

i had a dream that not once but 2 times my windshield was broken and on the pasenger side. my baby was sitting in the front seat. i kept trying to clean it up as best i could so that my boyfriend would not get mad. but my daughter kept rubbing it in her eye. also the back of her head. no blood. just wounds. it was in front of a gas station. police came and others were trying to help, but i kept worrying about boyfriend and daughter. little shards were everywhere. i pulled as much glass off the frame as i could.

dream about baby

i dreamed i was working and someone came up to me and told me that the baby had nearly drown. i ran to the hospital and i was asking about the baby. i thought it was mine. then i heard it start crying. i went in to the baby and i thought another woman was there and she said she was going to take the baby home. then i woke up. i told my sons of my dream and my younger son went out and emptied his pool and took it down.

dragon in a dream

were riding on a griffin in Baltimore city ( where I used to live ) and I was taking him to some building where he would be safe. His safety was my top priority. We landed in the middle of a dimly lit abandoned street ( night time ). I got off and smiled at Joshua giving him a hug. Some older guys ( probably guards of some sort ) took him away and up some steps through the red double doors of the building. He looked back before the doors shut. I woke up at this time, but went back to sleep and the dream continued. Except that now Joshua was in trouble and it was my job to save him. Some older guy ( probable guard ) gave me a raven black griifin. " The fiercest," he said. I got on the griffin and placed us in the middle of the abandoned street. We were soon running for take off, but when I pulled up on the small loop of fabric I was holding onto ( the other griffin at the beggining of the dream had reigns and was...brown I think...anyway ) the griffin didn't go up, it just kept running. Suddenly a guy opened his front door on my right ( and the street was fairly wide ) and yelled, " you have to say " Yip Yip " ! ". So I did and up I went. A couple guys gathered around a mail looking truck stared at me with astonished eyes while I ascended into the air about five feet above them. No one knew about griffis actually existing, but I didn't give them much thought considering no onewould beleive them anyway. So I kept going higher. When I saw a helicopter though I made my incline into the sky steeper. - I can't get cought by a news helicopter!-, I thought to myself. The helicopters light blinded me for a moment. I pulled on the loop of the sadle and quikly removed myself from the helicopters veiw. I took a few seconds to scan around me and saw a large wooded area. - I hate flying through the woods,- I thought to myself. - but it doesn't look like I have much of a choice.- The helicopters light caught me again and I rocketed down toward the trees. I paused for a moment hovering not one foot from the ground. " Joshua..." I felt his presence near. His fear struck me like a icy wind. And for a moment I was in his body. There were small evil animals flying around. They looked like really small dragons about the size of a squirrel maybe a little bigger. I was looking at the dark forest again and surged into it. Love powering my every move of accuracy as I easily dogded tree after tree, telling myself which direction to go in my head. - Left, right, right, left, right, left, left, right...- And when I saw light I poured on the speed determined to find and protect Joshua. I knew this had to be where he was being held. The sky was black when I entered these trees. When I broke through the forest and came into the light I pulled back on the saddle loop and let my eyes adjust. Everything was white except some missile turrents ( like cannons ) that were placed strategically throughout the room. And those dragon things were balck. And staring at me. They had stopped whatever they were doing and just hovered there staring at me. I didn't want to stick around and wait for those weapons to get hot so, as fast as I could, I went strait for the room where Joshua was being held captive. I was in the third room by the time they started shooting at me. The dragons were so easy that all I had to do was fly by them and knock 'em hard with the griffins wings to knock 'em down and out for the count. They kept shootind at me with, as I said before, strategically placed missile turrents. But I got through the fourth room fine and was battling dragons in the fifth room when I woke up. For good this time.

drive in a care dream

Driving home in my car with my sister. in a room full of family and old acquatances who are enjoying dancing to irish music.i am not in a great party mood so i sit around barely chatting. I am sitting around a table with family and old friends having a drink chatting. i get up for one dance and then sit back down depressed or upset. i am wearing a white top and pants, and old love comes over and holds my face in his hands gives me a lingering kiss on the lips (i am feeling the love) and says we will be together again soon darling, he is wearing a white pyjama top and red and white bottoms he gets off his arm chair and leaves the room through an exit with no door turns right into a corridor with bright yellow light.I wake up missing him. This is strange dream as i am now marrried and expecting our first baby.

kiss dream

I was in a resterant with all my guy friends and it's was like a diner setting.this guy i'm friends with but used to like went to kissed me goodbye but remembered I have a boyfriend(who was no where in sight) then I got to a hotel and these girl that who have been spreading rumors about me in reality were at the hotel sending texts to everyone about me. My best guy friend ran to the hotel because he heard about what they were doing and he walked me over to the wall and he hugged me for a really long time up against the wall. He said no one will make me cry and get away with it. It seemed as if he were trying to protect me.(this part of the dream is a reaccuring dream)Then the boy who tried to kiss me before,tried again but this time on my neck and then remembered the boyfirend who wasn't in the dream at all.

reoccuring dream

reoccuring dream - for about 1 year - the dream changes slightly from the first time but most remains the same. There is an older 3 or 4 story victorian house in my neighborhood. It is haunted, but the spirits are not malevolent. Some are mischeif makers and some are down right scary looking. There are 2 constants. An older gentleman ghost. He appears to be about 75 yrs old. He is my friend, Harry, Harvey, or Henry. I can never remember exactly his name. He comes when I call him in the house to show people it is haunted. He picks me up and swings me around the room or dances with me. The people only see me moving thru the air. He has romantic feelings for me that I do not return but he is a gentleman and never takes advantage. The other constant figure in the dream is Susan. She is the ghost of the daughter of the original owner of the house. She lives on the top floor of the home, and is known to scare anyone who intrudes in her space. She is very angry and takes it out on the unwary who trespass in her area upstairs. To get to her rooms, you must walk up many flights of creaking , wooden stairs that zig zag up and up. The landing at the top is a long hall filled with full length oval mirrors. It is always cold, drafty, and dim in her rooms. Her things are just as they were when she died. She appears to be in her late 20's and always wears a purple dress. I am the only person to have made peace with Susan and she has told me she died in house, and will never leave. Sometimes in the dream , the house is sold to snake oil salesmen who dont listen to the warnings given about the house or its inhabitants. Susan burns the house down rather than let them have it. She stays in the house and the other ghosts flee. Sometimes Harry, Harvey, Henry ( ?) stays and sometimes he flees. I get the feeling when he stays that it is because he is broken hearted over me., knowing I only want to be friends.

fly in the sky dream

reoccuring dream - since childhood, and the dream has grown and evolved. I have abilities that no one else has , yet when I try to share this with them, they are indifferent. As a child I could fly, only about 3 feet off the ground and only for short spurts of time. Now, over the years I have learned to float in the air. I can sit down, in the air as if it were a chair. I can climb an invisible staircase, 4 or 5 steps and down. I have worked very hard over the years on the stairs. Now I can do it everytime and I try to teach others but they are unimpressed. These dreams are VIVID. In them, I remember having the dream before, and think , THIS time it must be real. It seems more real than my "awake" time. The people in the dreams change. I am over 40 and this dream has evolved for about 30 yrs. Ocassionally I fly, but it is still a great effort and every time I fly over water, the gravity pulls me down. I can jump off the 2nd floor of the mall and float to the ground with out causing a ripple of concern from the crowds. I now have complete control of gravity ( regarding my body) within about 50 feet of the ground. Frequently lately I have floated in a standing position about 12 inches off the ground rather than walk with the crowd. I point it out to those around me but , as always they dont see the significance.

reoccuring dream

Okay. I'm 15 and i have this reoccuring dream that i have been having since i was little and it doesn't make sense, actually, hearing it, it sounds funny, but dreaming it scary. It starts off that i'm with someone, like a friend that i don't really talk to anymore from school. we didn't have a fight or anything, we just kinda stopped talking. her name is morgan. and she is with me and i have this feeling in the pit of my stomach-the one i get when i feel like something bad is gonna happen, or dread. It also smells like rotting frogs (i kept a pet frog in secret when i was little and it died, so i hid it and it stank up my room) ever so slightly. and i'm inside this big place with a whole bunch of younger kids (like 9 yrs oldish) and theyre all in line to get on this rollercoaster and the floor feels wobbly and the walls are made of glass. i look out and its cloudy and i see the rollercoaster morgan is making me go on (cause i dont wanna wimp out) and the only thing holding it up is a cable running above it leading to a tunnel and a few old stilts. it looks scary and old and unsafe. it looks like it will break or give way any second. it looks like it is made of wood. it is above murky brownish water. it starts high, then it goes down into a sharp curve and goes steep down and then flattens out and turns up a bit and you go into this tunnel and its over. it's real short. but my god its scary. the whole time i have that feeling in my stomach and the smell makes me feel sick. i always have to ride it more than once, and this time, the second time i rode it, when we went on the part that plunges down towards the water, i vomited and we fell out and swimmed to the tunnel. i kept getting the dirty water in my mouth and accidentally swallowing it. this is the part where everyone laughs at me, but the roller coaster is owned by michael jackson (hes creepy looking) and nobody figures it out but me that when all of these kids get on that huge scary rollercoaster, they don't come out because he is taking them.
i have this dream like once every year or so, and it freaks me out and last night i had it. it's been nearly 24 hrs later and i still feel sick and uneasy from remembering it. i know it sounds silly. but its scary and i never want to get on. the only thing holding this rickety thing up is a single cable and like two stilts above nasty water. but to me it is really creepy. please help me. i need to know what this means. they say that when u have a scary dream, you have to face your fear. everytime i have it, i do. this time i ended up talking to michael jackson (like small talk-it changed into a different dream by then) and i rode the rollercoaster a few times.

short dreams

I dreamt being up in a high house with a woman and she was trying to see that both of us fall from the high by jumping down house and die but i denied doing that because i dont want to die and she jumped and fell from the high house we were up.i saw her falling down and got lost.I woke upp after this.

I was walking with someone, a male, in a wooded area or near an older home...the man is smiling and then all of a sudden the man's face distorts and he's hideous and grabs my arm and I awoke scared to death.

swimming dream

In my dream, I was swimming in a river. The tide wasn't against me, but it wasn't pushing me either. I was just swimming. As I was swimming I came upon a bridge. The bridge was not shoddy or run-down, it was a normal bridge. However, people were bungee jumping off of the bridge, and I swam towards the bungee jumpers. They would free-fall upside down and be pulled back up by the cord moments before they reached the water.
Presently, I am in a fairly new relationship (1.5 months) with a man two years older than me. He is hesitant to call me his "girlfriend", but we are exclusive. I am a freshman in college and he is a senior, so we will presumably be breaking up in a couple of weeks. I am a 19 year old female.

dissappeared in a dream

i keep having a repitition of the same dream of my boyfriend leaving me and being taken from me by another woman. But this particular time i dreamt my boyfriend and i went out and then he dissappeared and was gone a while, i called him frantically and went searching for him in a crowd and i was crying as i was worried something happened to him. He did not answer his phone, i cried out loud in public and tried calling again and a woman answered his phone and said, he was with her and that i should not worry, cas she tried and could not get anything from him as he kept saying he was in live with his girlfriend but the strange thing was he was watching me cry from an appartment building window with this woman, then i felt his hand on my face and said why are you crying? he actually appeared to be drunk. that was the end

resident evil dream

i am in a tall white building with a few other people. the place i am in is like a small not so tidy apartment and we have to stay quiet and aware of our surroundings because at any moment from anywhere a zombie can come in. we are trying to escape this zombie attach but every time i look out a window i see zombie's on the ground or in other buildings looking for us, or any humans i guess, we are looking for vents or anyhting to hide in or places we can move to without them knowing. The dream is short and i wake up.
Other info: I watched resident evil, EXTINCTION two weeks ago with my boyfriend and his brother

dream: dead family

I don't remember alot of it. I just know I was scared and it was full of chaos the whole time. I remember getting hit in the head with something. I had blood gushing down my forehead. I remember landon, brandy's boyfriend..or ex or whatever..he went crazy. He started shooting people in the apartment complex we lived in. Melody lived in the room across the hall. Kind of reminded me of a hotel. Brandy lived further down the hall and then my mom even further down...I remember my mom being on the phone with landon..and I think thats when he showed up and people started getting hurt. I remember going into this hospital and dropping two people off..they we're badly hurt and he let me take them in...but I wasn't able to get treatment. I had to help him or I was going to die. So was my family. I remember being in a car. He was driving and we were all very very scared. We got into a car accident and it went in flames. Some of us escaped..I don't remember who lived or died...but I know I hurt..we scampered into this jeep and tried to start driving away. Our luck there was this train..and it was blocking place to go. Landon Started shooting and thats when he killed my little sister Allision in my arm. Before that I touched her face and wiped away her tears and told her everything would be okay. then she died..and I remember me screaming and the train passing..finally we were on the road..and I remember my mom saying..well we have to drive through oklahoma. So I guess we weren't here. At the end of the dream I burried almost all the little ones in my family. Kira, Angel, allision. and the thing that makes me cry the I still see the little white flag sticking outof the ground with angel's name on it. it looked like she wrote her name on there which just kills me more.
I can't close my eyes. all I see is my dead family. I can't sleep.

man peeking in a window dream

i dreamt about someone, a man peeking at my window while i was sleeping.. i was awoken by the things he did , he's trying to break in, when i got closer to him , he's evolving into an Ape, then to a monkey , and he's trying to break in again but i try to cover the windows until i can't hold it any longer & he breaks in my room and he's getting smaller , so small that i can no longer see him.. all i know is he runs around my room.

relationship dream

I recently had a dream about my ex-boyfriend who I am still friends with and communicate reguarly with. The thing that makes this dream stand out is that I very rarely remember my dreams. It starts out that me and my three daughters are home, the doorbell rings, and I hear my daughters talking to my ex-boyfriend in the kitchen. It sounds exactly like him but when he walks in the room, it looks nothing like him. I'm looking at him confused, asking him if he changed anything. As we are talking, his voice and mannerisms are his but his looks are not. He then begins to kiss me but it does not feel like him at all. I am very confused and do not want to be kissing this stranger at all, but I feel bad because I know its him. Then the dream turns to my daughters bedroom where there is this huge snake coming out of her closet. My daughters and I are freaking out but we get the snake out of the house and out of our yard. I then wake up.

locked and afraind in a dream

I was in a room with many of my friends and my boyfriend. It was a gray building with iron bar doors and windows. The building was large with no rooms and there were a lot of people there I didn't know. It was kind of like a club. There was no music or flashing lights but everyone was having fun and drinking a bit. I was happy. I was talking to people and then someone screamed. Zombies came in and we started to run towards the door. Not many people made it out but a few of my friends and my boyfriend did. we were on a bridge running. I saw a woman in the corner of my eye wearing red and black leather. she wasn't running but was surrounded by zombies.
It was really a blur on the bridge. My boyfriend and a close friend died. I really just remember emotion from that part. I was terrified but not really upset. When I got off the bridge I was the only one left. The bridge blew up after me. I assumed everyone died.
The woman in red and black leather was on the same side of the river as me. She was laughing and talking about how she would end the earth. We were in the beginning of a tunnel system that went under the entire earth. It was orange and black. Men that were really muscular and had white eyes were there. They started coughing and white/green eggs came up. I knew that those would be zombies soon and that the world would be attacked.
I waded into the river which was black and didn't move any. I swam across the river and ended up in my town. I warned everyone and found my brother and a close friend (Matt). We found a place to hide (my attic) and I had my brother and Matt hide first in the attic while I got supplies. I got candy and chips (that was all they had) and water. They I found a family friend who gave me canned food, ramen, medicine, and a flash light.
I went to my house. The door was red and locked. I pounded on the door franticly. An old man opened and I knew he was risking his life by doing so. He let me in and I went to the cramped attic which was all white with a window. We blocked the window then tried to get comfortable. No talking. Then I realized that there was a door I never noticed. I opened it and there was a huge room. Everything was gray and dark. I saw a few pieces of furniture but that was it.
Then I woke up.

bugs in a dream

I hate bugs! i hate bugs with a burning passion.this dream was so creepy. this happened just a few months ago. i am 15 yrs old.
I am in my bedroom next to my bed. i notice all these bugs are on me, they seem to be beetles, but im not quite sure i couldnt exactly make them out. I cant move. i was terrified and tried to scream, but i couldn't scream either. at this point i somehow knew i was dreaming so I tried to move in real life so i would wake up, but i couldnt.what could this mean??
i voice my opinion and i do feel trapped in my home and i feel no1 really understands what i have to say. that might be what it means

native american dreams

this native american is trying to attack me. i'm scared, so very scared. it's trying to kill my by turning into a snake and an eagle. my dad was their trying to save me. he might have saved me, im not sure i dont remember much.what could this mean?i am 100% not racist in real life, but all my dreams about bad people are different races than me.
heres another dream and i think this happened a yr ago.I was running from Snoop Dogg, that african american rapper. i dislike all of his songs exept for "Drop it Like its Hott". He has a gun in his hand like he's trying to kill me. im running as fast as i can, crying my eyes out and screaming for help, but he's just walking and he's doing just find keeping up with me. i see a school. that has a tennis locker room. i love tennis, i used to play it all the time with my sister, but we dont play much anymore and i miss it. anyways, im running to it. theirs a couple girls in their and im screaming "help! help!" thats all i remember.

few weird dreams

this was maybe 2, 3 years ago, when i was maybe 12. i had recently moved out of these apartments which i loved because it was fun around their. my favorite animal since i was about 6 has always been foxes. anyways, this is how it went.
I was walking around in those appartments i used to live in. I came across a white fox and started to pet it. the fox was very fluffy and sweet. it walked beside me. I was so happy and decided to keep him/her as a pet! so I was on my way home, but i was somehow in a subdivision with houses and not those appartments. We were infront of a driveway and this crazy guy with a go-cart was backing out of it in a crazy way, it was backing out in a circular motion. He ran over the white fox and the fox got squished into what looked like a little ball of playto. I was so upset i started crying horribley. I run into my house and my mom doesn't even care i'm crying she just yells "i told u those were chicken pox!" which i dont understand because ive nvr had chicken pox, i got the shot when i was 10 yrs old.
heres another 1.well this happened maybe 2 months ago. i started dating this guy on dec. 2nd and i fell inlove for the first time. i honestly dont understand cheating and i have never wanted to cheat. cheating is worse than abbusive relationships to me, i wouldnt nvr take a man back if they cheated on me either.anyways, heres the dream.
I was at my school, in this room called "the guided study hall" this guy grabs me from behind, turns me around and starts making out with me! i thought it was my boyfriend, but it was this other guy that i barely talked to at my school. when i find out it was not donnie i started crying and freaking out in my dream. thats all i remember.

9/11 dream

I had a dream six years ago that I will never forget. I dreamt of a good friend that I hadn't seen in probably two years due to the military. I dreamt that he come home and we went to the river and went floating. Actually, it was a pretty pleasant dream. I woke up the next morning and just feeling overwhelmed. To the point that I even explained the dream to my friend. She goes on to explain that it's probably because I haven't seen him in a long time. All day long I was consumed with this dream and couldnt shake it like something was wrong. About 5 in the afternoon, my mom called and told me that my real father had died IN MY FRIEND'S HOUSE!

I had a dream about three months later, the night of 9/11. My boyfriend was in the military at the time and would come and visit me on the weekend. Anyway, I dreamt that we were going to war. Didn't know with who, but remember all the helicopters flying over to go to wherever, and the sounds of guns and that my boyfriend was getting sent away to go fight. I had stayed with a friend that night, so I woke up and explained that dream to her. Told her we were going to war and that I dreamt that my boyfriend was going to be getting sent away. We got up, and her mom is at the kitchen table and said did you hear what happened. Of course, we were like no, she proceeded to tell us that we were under attack, it was 9/11. Sure enough, my boyfriend got sent over to afghanistan.

I never really discuss my dreams. Although these two dreams have really kinda creeped me out. I'm not claiming to be any psychic or anything, but is this a normal thing or just kind of a coincidence. It only happened those two times and within a few month period. I have always remembered this and just want someone to explain this to me.

dream baby

this is the 3rd time that i am getting this dream of being pregnant and somebody wants to kill my baby. and i have always seen my self running from that person.last night i dreamt of some college/high school.wher i am studying and ther is another group of people in the same college.some how i come to know that guy from the same group wants to kill me and my baby.i keep running but some how he finds me.and i try convencing not to kill me now cause baby in my stomach is still not formed.u can kill my baby after 9 months.he agrees and stays wid me in the college for 9 months.take care of the same time he kills everybody from the college/high school..and when he comes to kill the baby i am just running trying to save my baby from him...and then i wake up...

ocean dream

I standing in an ocean when I looked up and saw a very large jumbo jet on fire come roaring toward me and it crashes in the ocean right beside me but misses me then another jet same thing and then a train comes roaring at me on fire into the ocean barely missing me and then one more jet same thing. I have never had this dream before ever, I didn't eat anything late at night, no alcohol etc. I went to bed after watching a comedy on television. Nothing out of the ordinary. Can you help with this one because frankly it was terrifying.

bible dream

as someone that belief in my bible my dreams has been my strength,80%of times i do relate to my dreams,i have being in fears, bad decisions, bad relationship,to come to my dream, i found myself in open air on my bed, a lady came to me, slept beside me,dark lady, she was trying to exchange her bible with mine, this my bible i cherished so much, i held to her bible ,she held to mine but not agreeing to her demand, at that point i suddenly woke up.

ghost dream

At the beginning of my dream i was walking with my boyfriend at that time and his mate and my mate through a park, that event actually happened a year ago. Then i seen my english teacher being chased by police, the scenery changed to being at a canal. The police arrested her , but she turned to dust on the floor. I didnt find it weird she turned to dust. But next thing i know the dust that was on the floor was actually my half sister who is 3 years of age. And i was shouting you killed her to the police. The next part of my dream was my step Grandmothers house i found this weird as i have only been to her house a few times, i opened the door and my mother was sat with a craddle, the room was dim, I kepted looking back at the door that seemed to be open so i could see the night sky outside. My mother was crying but singing a lullaby to the craddle. I looked inside it but there was no one or nothing in there ? i carried on walking into a kitchen , the kitchen was very much like the kitchen in my old house. My dads cat ran past my feet while i stood at the kitchen door, she was a ghost.

Im 14 years of age, i have two older sisters a younger brother and a younger sister, my younger sister was the one in my dream.I have a boyfriend who is also my best mate, my mother and dad got divorced when i was 11. I have a lot of family problems, which has caused suicidal problems for my older sister. My feelings havent changed for the last 3 years of my life. As if i would trade my life for anyones because i feel so lonely and unhappy. i generally go out with my mates to get away from home.Id stay out till late about 12 at night. My fear is loosing my mother, as she is very ill.

gun dream

Hi,ok, I am 18 and a female. I like to consider myself hard core, because I love to play with guns, and go hunting and im trying to get into the border patrol... Last night i had a horrible dream. I woke up with my heart racing. My Dream started off at night in a car dealership. I along with other people were security guards for the place. I was in a car while some others were on foot. I spotted a guy standing there in my light and yelled out him . "hey... " he then took off running to the left, and i was standing on the bridge. The one on foot took after him and i told him which way he ran, a couple min later i herd a gun shot and i pulled my weapon. Two other security officers came by my side. The guy came back looked at me and shot. He missed me by a couple inches to my head and made a hole in the brick building. His gun, thank god, only held one bullet at a time, while mine held two. I shot at him and missed. He ran behind cover and so did i, to reload. In this room, which is by the way in back of where im standing, i am loading my gun when i hear another shot ring and my partner flys back into the room with his leg shot off. I will spear u the details, but my dream didn't to me... I saw everything, felt everything, and even cried. I was freaking out, and the other guy came by his side to help him. The thief/bad guy shows up in the doorway and shoots my other partner and kills my partner with his leg blown off.. I scream horrified... He looks at me, walks back out and reloads his gun (comes back in and shoots me... ) the part in () is what i kept playing over in my dream, but changed everytime... the next time, ( came in and i shot him in the head)... and the last time, ( came in as i was waiting for him hiding, and shot him in the leg, blowing his off. Jumping on him and handcuffing him!) .... I then woke up scared to death, sweating, and my heart beating out of my chest!!!! I really need your help to tell me, what that dream was about. I am soo freaked out!Thanks

vivd and long dream

Okay so I don't remember the entirity or the beginning of the dream, but from where I remember, I was on top of a steep embankment of dead reddish grass along a highway, with a gym class, but I didn't recognize anyone, then someone pushed me down the hill and I landed on the road, in front of oncoming traffic and scrambled to side and yelled at whoever pushed me. Then we waited for no cars to be coming and i ran across into this small amusement park area and I felt major deja vu, I think from another of my dreams, it was of this ominous family who hated trespassers and lived in a castle-like home in this dream, but it wasn't in the other, then a guy like only it came as though it was thrown onto the lawn of the family, where the amusement park was and I got it then jumped the low fence of the lawn onto the sidewalk, as the other people were crossing the road, then there was a screeching and someone said something about a hawk and then we saw a fake hawk with a kite string attached, so we starting walking to a playground then there was actually a real hawk and someone yelled chickenhawk and everyone ran for cover cause it started to dive at everyone so I dove under the playground and scrambled into a plastic tunnel, as I was running however, the bird pooped on my arm , then on the other side I got a big cut. In the tunnel I met my dad and then we were entering this place owned by the wierd family, and I was about to protest but I stopped as we entered it was a small resort place with people I knew that I knew but I couldn't recognize. Something reminded me of Gene Wilder, and there were alot of bright colours and stuff around the pool. When I woke, I kept focusing on the word chickenhawk and screech hawk, and I was trying to remember where that family was from.

dream girl

This one dream involved this girl whom i have feelings for. It starts off with me, in some sort of vehicle, i'm high off the ground, but i can still see this girl standing outside my school, i yell her name, and she follows the vehicle(which i imagine is a bus), until I appear out of the vehicle, and with her, immediately, I show up in a school, not my own, but a school familiar, where for some reason, I have this biography of her(which does not exist), and I run into a classroom where there is one of her friends, she is putting up decorations around the classroom, which is something i've seen her do before. My crush's friend turns to me, and I say something along the liens of "i can't find her(my crush)," and i show her a picture of what is supposed to be her, from the biography i have, my crush's friend says she doesn't recognize the photo, and I see it, and it is not of her, but of a different looking one of her. It is hard to explain, but the photo looks like my crush, but is not. Anyhow, I end up appearing in what is a familiar computer lab, where there are some students at computer labs, and there is a familiar teacher sitting on the desk. This teacher is also the coach for my golf team. I ask the teacher if she's seen (my crush's name), and he says no(not suprisingly, this teacher has never met my crush), i then ask what time is today's match(for golf), and my teacher/coach says that he has to get there at 4:00, but the match starts at 4:25. Then, I appear in the family car, with my father driving, and I believe I am still looking for my crush, and I end up at this tower sort of thing, looks like a silo, i see the time, and it's 4:50, I say something along the lines of "oh crap, we have to get back" referencing the golf match I missed, I then appear in an office, that I've never seen before, and Dr. Gupta of CNN is there, and asks why I wasn't there, despite the fact that I have never met him, and thus not my golf coach. My mother has respect for Dr. Gupta, though my mother does not dislike my crush. Anyhow, I make some excuse, which I can't recall, but I'm thinking about my crush. After that, the dream ends
I"ve "liked" this girl for a long time, and I've had dreams of me in line at some sort of airport and we're holding each other, and things like that. I do not believe she is aware of my feelings for her. I am male. This dream is ridiculously confusing, and I'd appreciat your opinion

prophetic dream

I was outside with some family members loading my aunts car and all of a sudden i look up and all the stars where expanding and moving as it was a meteor shower I was fasinated about it and never seen nothing like that. I made a dream to the last to shooting stars and after that the sky was clear of stars. We all went inside and when i went on the internet and saw that a meteor had hit the atlantic ocean causing a huge tsunami heading towards the whole east coast of the united states. With shock and terror we looked at the radar of where its going to hit and how long until it does and there was some cities in central united states that were safe because of the altitude. We were rushing trying to leave because we live in Miami, FL and on the radar it shows that florida will be under water. After rushing my dad suggested that we go to a city in North Carolina and i told him we cant because it will get flooded and hit as well but i noticed that city my dad said to go to was on the list of possible cities the impact will be safe from but i didnt like the fact of going to north carolina and i suggested to go to Indiana.

I think my dream has something to do with Nostradamus and his prediction of a Meteor hitting the Atlantic Ocean cause the whole east coast to flood.

stress dream

I awoke this am feeling disturbed. In my dream I awoke in the back of a black car with 2 people up front, me in the back with anther person. I was in my pajamas. We were driving from my childhood home up the road. I shook my head as if I had just awoken and looked at the person next to me. There were no details excep they were all dressed in black suits and they were all men. The man in the passenger seat was blonde. I told them that we should be further up the road for as long as we were drivng and they laughed. The told me I was "out" for awhile. They drove up into my home town and parked outside the library - across from the police department. I told them that I wanted to get out and see my children. They laughed and told me I wasn't going anywhere. I told them I was going to leave and they told me to go ahead. I got out and started to run on the sidewalk, toward the police department (we were parked cross the street). The blonde man got out and laughed at me and all of a sudden I couldn't walk - like someone hit me with a stun gun - I had no pain, just couldn't move my arms or legs properly - like I was in slow motion. I started to panic and screm but nothing would come out. All three men were laughing - the driver stayed in the car, the other two men were on the sidewalk laughing at me. I awoke with a start and haven't been able to shake the disturbed feeling yet.

dream about cat

I had a dream that a white mother cat and her kitten keep trying to cuddle up on me and I am afraid them. Other people were around and they kept trying to keep the cats away from me and they kept coming back.

dream vision

I had more of a vision than a dream, I first saw white horses runing in the wind, then saw a bear standing at a cave intrance i entered the cave and saw a prehistoric animal, than i saw and alian, i ask what it meant the lord told me it would be revealed to me in the mountains. I went to colorado aprox. 5 mo. later, i saw the horses the bear at the entrance of the prehistoric cave in colorodo. I also took pictures and in one of the pictures, there was a mountain that had a face on it, the cloud obove the mountain looked like a bear and heart shapes, and also a few days later a stranger gave me an acrylic block with white horses inside just like the ones i saw,So it was all revealted to me, but i would like to know what it all means.

dream about texas

in my dream i had last night, i was in my former living place which was texas. I moved from there last june. In the dream, i entered a former significant others house to visit him. I had told him in advance that i would be coming. As i walked towards his bedroom in which i was told he was in, i saw that the door was partially open. What i saw in the dream, was him naked with another woman, her hands on his face, and his eyes were closed. her back was turned towards him and i could not see her face. At the site of that, i was petrified. He opened his eyes and saw me but his expression was unchanged as if i werent even there. After that i left his house and then in the dream, i was crying uncontrollably wrapped up in a blanket on my own bed.

stress dream

My family and I had gone on a trip somewhere.It was far away, but close enough for us to walk home.
So, we were walking forever and forever and I realized, "Hey, we're lost."
We had ended up in some small town.It wasn't like redneck small, but one of those ones where there were still things to do, like shopping and movies and such.
We were lost and couldn't get out of this town.There were people, but there was something stopping us from asking them directions.
There were a bunch of old houses that were falling apart on the outskirts of the town.
Suddenly, we had our car for some reason and we contacted my uncle via webcam to send for help.
Then we pulled out of this field onto a street, where our car disappeared and we were walking. Then we walked past a store, someone laughed, and I woke up.
The town was called Lorlina, by the way. We found this out because we got in the way of their parade that was going through town and it was on a banner.
But the entire time we were there, I kept saying "I like this town more than home."
It really was a perfect little town, where the few people we did speak to were nice.
I think it means I'm longing for a simpler life. I've been stressed out because of school lately.

dream: bus

last night i was dreaming i was on a bus on the freeway in america, my children were with me but i couldnt see them. We got off the bus and were made to go into a swimming baths which had a very steep incline that was filled with water down into the baths. there were lots of people in the baths and i stayed at the top and kept getting given new babies to hold on to, they seemed to be just lying around all over. as i went down into the baths i still had hold of a baby and a man tried to abuse me so i swam away really quick, the water in the baths was a really piercing blue. next minute i was aware my own children had gone missing and i rushed around looking for them in complete dispair, i was then back in my home town on the main street and the shops were all made into cells full of childen, which couldnt get out then i spotted my children behind glass shop fronts and bars on the doors, frantically running about trying to get to them. next minute i walked around the corner and there was an ampitheatre in which all the young children from the cells were stood in rows with school uniforms on and a lady stood on a pedastal dressed in robes which were lilac in colour, a very pretty pastel shade, which i think were of the muslim faith and i shouted to her to stop as i knew they were all going to be sacrificed, and made her aware that i was the one who saved all the women folk of her faith from being killed and she thought for a minute and decided to let them all go. before i woke up i had a very strong voice in my head saying these were my past lives. my feelings were of complete despair and very upset.

vivid and weird random dream

So last night i had a very vivid and weird random dream. It started out with me holding a very small newborn im not sure if it was my child or not but i have two friends who recently just had babies also. Then i was in school with some of my old friends and then i saw the person i used to be madly in love with and i was following him around the whole time. After all that i was at my house and i looked out my back door and my patio was flooded with water 5 minutes later i look and the water is entering my house and its very high. I tried rounding up all my animals but they sat there as if nothing was wrong i do not know what this means.

kiss in a dream

Well i sort of have this guy in the year above me (im in year 11) that i really like and have for a while but whenever i see him i get really shy, we talk on the net all the time and its fine but when i see him i get butterflys, i had this dream last night about him again, i have frequent dreams about him buti dont quite understand this one.. The dream started of with me and him sitting in class with my mum as the teacher (she is his english techer in real life) and we are holding hands in this class and talking normaly, it quickly changes to what i felt was my house but it diddnt look like my house at all, me and him were laying in bed watching TV and cuddling he takes off his shirt and i see that he has his belly button peirced and at a second look he has alot of percings on his hands and his tummy, (i sort of have a thing for peircings but this was really strange) he puts his shirt back on and leans over to kiss me, and when we kissed it was the worst kiss ive ever had in my life, it was terrible. the dream cuts to him admitting he was on LCD (acid) and the dream completley spun out and got really scary i remeber feeling really scared and trapped at this point, it was like he was on acid but i was the one having the effects of it, all of a sudden i felt like i had control of this situation and left the room where i ended up back at school to be watching a cartoon and thats when i woke up.

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house dream

I was walking through my house when suddenly a large black dog, who belonged to my ex-boyfriend who I'd dated for four years and recently broken up with, lept on my smaller dog, and began attacking her. I knew my ex was at my house then. I go outside and he is drunkenly staggering out of a bus that dropped him off. He comes to my door step, but I don't let him in. He keeps saying things like, "babe, i miss you." His attitude is very arrogant; he keeps touching my face and trying to hug me, and I keep pushing him back. The whole time I'm thinking about how I just want to get away and go inside, where I know my new boyfriend is waiting for me. Finally, my ex takes a drunken step back and palm up, offers me a small toy black bat. I take it from him and go inside. I go to my new boyfriend who is sitting on a computer chair, but it's broken. The seat is missing; he's sitting on the frame of it. I make him stand up and offer to fix it, but I don't know if I ever do or not.

3 different dreams

i was with my best friend her boyfriend and his friend we were hanging out at the boyfriend's house and he all of the sudden became very irraited and mental unstabble so we went to a store and he held it up with a gun but somehow running from sercity he ended up killing himself and i cried harder and longer than his girlfriend my best friedn.

I dreamt of a pharaoh giant elephant and beside it is called a power giant elephant what does it mean???

I dont dream about my boyfriend.. ever..??

running dream

At first I thought I heard two people running. I sat up and listened for a minute. Layed back down and then I thought I was still awake when I felt some one get on to my bed. I felt the bed sink a bit then the person snuggled up to my back.a first I felt like it must be my daughter but she does not live here in my house. So I leaned up on my arm and called out, Who is it. Then I woke up.

dream about shopping

I dreamt I was shopping with my family. Sitting have food. We left the shopping centre and walked out on a gun fight with the IRA and some Russian’s. The IRA had big massive guns and were shooting at Russian houses and bringing them down.

They turned and started shooting at people on the street. We ran as fast as we could. I had Joshua in my arms.
I walked passed this coffee shop and Jack O’Connor was there. He didn’t realise what was going on so I ran into him and told him to move that he could die because we needed him. He got up and ran. I turned around to see what was happening behind me and I saw Bill Nighy talking to the IRA who took him away with them.

Later on I went into a pub and there were a few people there. There was one guy playing the bagpipes and I recognised him as one of the guys from the IRA who was shooting earlier on. He turned around and looked at me and recognised me. He got up and walked towards me and I woke up.

flying in a dream

I dreamed i was flying down a dirt road with a green field on both sides of me I was being lead by some one else i think it was a angel im not sure but then all at once i was in a room .It was very brite and there was a brite form that looked like a form of a man he talk to me but it was like i new whathe wanted me to do in my head not my ears. Then i was lead into another room and i saw family members there even ones alredy passed on one uncle that i was very close to and a casket that i new i was in .But it was the most peacefull dream i have ever had in my life and I fill that if i ever dream this agin i want have long to live but i will be at peace at the same time.

music dream

I often dream of music. Not just any music - music I've never heard before, but if I could write music would probably be very rich after waking up and writing it. I never thought anything of it until my husband told me he had never heard of anyone hearing/ creating music in their dreams and he thought it was a "special gift". Is he right? Is this unusual? I always just woke up wishing I could read/write music so that I could keep the melodies/harmonies because the music was always so awesome. Ranged from world/ alternative to classical and notes or arrangements I'd never heard...

falling in a dream

: I had a dream my husband and I where on business in small little town likein Italy stayed in a hotel...He was on the phone told him I was going to be back. He was still on the phone and I walked outside we stayed in a bad area...kept walking seen three men standing apart in trench tan gut told me to go back so I started to walk back to hotel when a big man with another trench coat and a could not see his face was covered walks down beside me before I know it he pulls out the gun and shots me in the head. I felt the gun touch my head and felt nothing after that but I instantly fell to the ground

few short dreams

I dreamt i walked into my fiance room & met him having sex with a close friend of mine....I was really angry...felt real heart broken,...lost trust...

I dreamed that I was the father of baby girl with green eyes. Her mother was a previous girlfriend from grade school. Who is not my wife that I am currently with.

dream seams so real..when i am awake i can feel the dream as if it is happening,..almost makes me feel like i am goin crazy,...i dont know who is in it,..but everyone is goin crazy,..just crazy,..lots of movement,..and then very calm,..with a weird smile

dream: daughter is being taken away

in my dreams my daughter is being taken from me and I am fighting to run to her to get her back, in a few of my dreams she has been killed and the feelings i have are real and when I wake up i do not want to go back to sleep and when i do fall asleep i go right back into the same dream

dream: flying fish

I often have dreams where fish are swimming in the air. Often they are my pet fish from my aquariaums---or koi ponds---either fancy goldfish or koi. They looks happy--and have much more space in the air to float around--and I think it looks so cool in the dream.

morp dance in a dream

I keep having a dream that consists of me going to MORP with my best friend’s boyfriend. MORP is a dance, and my best friends boyfriend name is Josh. He’s like a really good friend of mine, and we went to MORP together simply because Shailee couldn’t go, and I couldn’t find a date so Josh took me.We were in the parking lot of my church, ready to go to MORP, and I told Josh if he wanted to go, he would have to drive. And He’s like, “O yea, okay” he took the keys from me and we got into his car. We were wearing matching outfits, in the grand tradition of MORP.Suddenly we were at this bridge, and we had to cross this bridge in order to get to the dance. We had bicycles to cross this long bridge.There were these steps that you to go down, to get to another set of steps that went up. The steps kind of reminded me of the steps you use to get into a pool. The had a thin red strip across them They connected, so josh and I jumped to get on the other set of stairs. It was very foggy, and a lot of people were standing around, walking up and down these steps. A lot of people started yelling at us, telling us that we were cheating. But we learned to ignore it, and went up.As we were at the top of the bridge, Josh suddenly lost his balance and was suddenly hanging on the ledge. I was screaming for help, but no one came. Suddenly he fell into a place that looked like a mall. He fell into a huge pile of green and red Christmas boxes. He wasn’t dead, but he disappeared.

dizzy dream

I was with my boyfriend and then one thing lead to another and we had a fight, when I woke up "in the dream", I felt dizzy and he was lockd up, I went to have a cig and flirted with a man that was shoveling snow, then I felt sick and notice the way I was moving made me bleed heavy from my side, come to find out my lover had stabbed me on my leftside of my stomach/waste, and i was bleedn heavy, I saw the blood in my hands and clothes. While walking I almost passed out but was able to get someones attention at 7/11(which is a store that's open 24/7)to call 911, then I wrote him asking why did he do what he did, some words I read had said "never cheat on the one who loves you" . Then I woke up and left the hospital. Went to a womens house after and there was a child there who wanted to play but told her no. Lastly, I was on a city bus going to down city but I was on the other side of town. When asked why he said he saw/hear/ someone told him I was cheatting on him.

dream of mirror

i was looking in a mirror and some one shaves a section of my head {it was in th front where it is noticeable} i try to cover it up by flipping my hair to the other side but in the end i decide to just shave my head entirely Except for a center stirp down the middle of my head {theyre called mohawks} (: then i try asking my friend ally if she can give me a wig to borrow {cuz her mom has this thing where she was born with no hair} but i dont have any luck with that. then i go bak to looking in that mirror and my hair has grown back but its just very short about the lenghth to my eyes..

a dream

i was at a house similar to my grandmother's with my friend and his aunt. his aunt is cooking in the kitchen and me and my friend are standing in the kitchen doorway when from nowhere a man comes walking by us and goes up the stairs. the man is looking very sad and stern, which makes me sad and confued. So i turn to my friend and ask who is he. My friend tells me that its his father and that he's not usually sad like he was.this is strange because i never mer my friends father, and he has a walking disability preventing him from walking.

recurring dream

For the past 3 years i have had the same recurring dream.They only occur about every 2 - 3 months.In my dream,the scene is significant to where i actually am that night,for instance,if i'm home,the scenery/layout is my home surroundings,if i am at my parent's house,the scenery/layout is significant to their home,my friend's home,the same.So my dream is that i'm asleep and i wake up to someone standing outside my window.I know it is a male form,but it's dark outside.I cannot see their face.In my dream,i am scared and run to the next room.Immediately,they're outside that window.I run to the next room,immediately they're outside that window.In my dreams,which usually are very brief,the person outside the window never gets inside to me.It's just like they're terrorizing me with their presence.In all the 3 years of having this same recurring dream,the scenery has always been significant to where i was a the time i have the dream,as mentioned earlier.Also,in the 3 years of having this same dream,this faceless person has never gotten inside physically to me.And also it has been consistent with occuring every 2 -3 months.I never wake up breathless or scared to death,just kinda jumpy and have to get my "bearings" and realize and tell myself "ok,you're awake,it was a dream" and i am always able to go back to sleep with no problem.I even tried to write down on the calender when i would have the dreams...maybe it was my time of the month,maybe a full moon out,maybe i had had a bad/weak day.....but nothing was consistent with the dream.It just came every 2-3 months as usual.Last year however,maybe around the spring/early summer,i had the dream again,right on schedule,as it had been about 2 months since the last one.But this time the scenery changed a bit. I was staying the weekend at my best friends house and her couch is against the window and that's where i was sleeping which would have me facing her long wall where her TV and Entertainment Center is.But in my dream,everything surrounding me was consistent to her living room area,except for the long wall where the TV is,was like french doors or a patio window that opens out onto a patio area.The faceless male was outside there but this time there was a porch light on but his back was to me and he appeared to be on a cell phone.I got up to move and he never moved from the window or got off the phone to turn around and meet me at the next window in the next room i was walking into.I went into my friend's room to wake her and tell her that someone was outside and she wouldn't wake up.She just grumbled something at me and rolled over.So i'm thinking,"omg,i'm all alone in this".So as i am walking out of her room into the small hallway leading back to the living room where i was sleeping,i passed the opening from the hallway into the next room and i felt a hand gently placed on my right shoulder.As i turned slowly out of fear to see who it was,before i could see the face,i woke up.And that was the last time i had the dream,which was a good 6- 9 months ago.Well,lo and behold if i didn't have it again 5 nights ago.This time much different.I was at my friends house again,sleeping with her little girl in her room.But in my dream,i was at my parent's house.And in my dream,i had obviously had a dream the previous night and it was the same way.Male form outside the window,room to room,but this time he had a face that i could see.And,still in my dream,it's the next day and i'm sitting outside on the front porch with my mom having coffee late in the evening and the house to the right of her,there is an older black family living there.But in my dream,as my mom and i are outside on her porch visiting,the man in my dream the previous night walks out on the porch next door,lights his outdoor furnace and smiles and waves at us and sits down with a cup of coffee.Never approached us.Just smiled and waved like any neighbor would.And the smile wasn't one of those creepy smiles.Just a neighborly smile and wave.Then i woke up.In my dream,now that the face has been revealed,this man is of no significance to me,like anyone i can remember knowing or have known.He's around 30-40,tall nice looking white man,blonde,kind smile.But however,i know i have seen him somewhere.Whether it's at work,the local mall,a festival...etc.But somewhere i've seen this person.I just can't place who he is or why he would be in my dream.A very attractive man with a kind smile.Just cannot place where i've seen him.Or for that matter why he would be in my dreams.

dream: house in the sky

dreamt i saw a house in the sky, it was spinning,i was looking out the was clear sky's and not to sunny.the house fell and crashed into the side of my house. my kids were asleep and my fiance would not wake up to look at it. i ran to check on the kids.. it happened so fast.then i went outside to look,i was standing in the doorway. the sky was black ,it was night time all the sudden ,but full of constelllations.i could see every star clearly.i went back to our bedroom and my fiance was like oh yeah i forgot to tell u the earth was coming to an end.those are the signs.but he still would not get out of bed.

sheman dreams

me and 2 of my brother and a shamen are walking on a barren plain, holding idle conversation, when we reach the edge of an enormous cliff, coming off the side of the cliff are these white vines, and at the bottem i see what looks like a bog, and i get an overwhelming sensation that we must get down there. the shamen turns us all into cats (tabby housecats) and we start running down the vines. as we are making our way down i hear the cracking and crunching sound, like stepping on fresh ice. when we reach the bottem, i finially take the time to look at one of the vines and notice its a spine. all of the vines are spines from...something. then i turn around at look at the bog we are standing in,and there are elephant skeletons and other wierd carcasses, (imagine the elephant graveyard from the lion king) i also notice the bog isnt mud, its very very thick blood. thats my dream, i have a feeling its a omen of some kind, and really wish to know what it means. ive had a few varations of that dream, one being where i am behind the wall of spine vines and there is something...else there. it feels like a demon of great power, one who has possibly collected and created this wall of spines, and is responsible for the blood and animal carcasses.

travel dream

i had a dream of traveling to live with my uncle but all i saw in the dream was his daughter my cousin and his wife where i never said goodbye to anyone just left where in the dream i regreted it since i still had unfinished business, all i saw was just sitting in the living room talking to my uncle's wife and his daughter and still worrying, what could that mean

train dream

I was sleeping on a bench in a train station, or airport. I was wearing a black suit with a white shirt, no tie. Next to me was a girl that i knew. We seemed older in the dream. She was sitting wearing a long dark pink skirt, blazer with flower, and a dark pink scarf. Then two teenage girls came. One of them was a copy of the girl sitting next to me, but was taller than her. The other girl was shorter than the girl i was sitting next to, but had looks as mine and as the girl next to me.The two teenage girls were asking their “mother”if they could say farewell to me. But she told them that their “father” is sleeping. So the two girls left. Then the short girl was telling the tall girl that she wants to gay farewell to me before i travel, and asked the tall girl she wants to come. So both of them came back, and i was awake by then sitting next to the girl.The short girl came hugging me and started crying saying i don’t want to leave before saying good bye to you. And the tall girl was standing watching and crying. I was shocked. Then the tall girl came and also hugged and said don’t leave. I was even more shocked, but i started rubbing their back and saying to them, ok stop crying we are not going to leave. I was smiling and i saw the girl next to me smiling while rubbing tears of from her eyes.


Well i was in my mom's home town west, and i was staying with my aunt julie she told me she had to go to work but she needed me to baby sit for her. So i agreed and she took me to the kids house and informed me that my aunt donna would be there shortly to help me. I got out of the truck and noticed that the house seemed abandoned so i walked to the backyard to find a little girl riding a tricycle. She looked real scared and unreal kind of like a doll. Then i woke up.

temple made of gold dream

About 10 years ago I had this dream. It was an entire temple made of gold. Outside was a storm filled sky. Inside was a throne room fitted with gold including the throne itself. Beside the thrown were 2 cone shaped openings on the ceiling and on the floor. Between these openings floated souls. They were blurred so their identity was unkown. I've wanted to know the meaning of this dream for a while now.

relationship dream

I had a astral experience.this guy name kurt that I met about 6months ago.when I enter the dream everything was white and if I was flying.... I said where is kurt....then I appeared in this I heard someone knocking on my window....I went to the window and the guy kurt had sent his friend to come get me.....his friend was tryna look in the window....I looked out and could see kurt in a van waiting for me.....I was waving for him and try to hand signal him to come in then I seen his hand waving as if he thought I was saying hi....and the van took off.the window was locked and I didn't know how to get to the other side.later the house became very bright...not sure but the house seem different from the 1st.their were beautiful woodglass door...people where outside ...I was wondering if they could see I hide...then these men open my door from the inside.....and start moving sofas they weren't threating....I soon was on a bed....2 girls I'm no longer friends with were their.2 guys came over for 1 friend....but he liked me....he was kissing my belly tryna doing sexual things.the other friend was watching then the girl with the two guys that like her said imma chose one ....then the other was on the bed with me said ok and continue kissing my belly.I didn't say stop....I enjoyed it...then a new girl appeared ....I didn't know.......she said she was leaving ...I found my keys which was under my pillow.....I usually do that in real life ..she had her hand out I ask if she needed the keys...but she wouldn't say nothing 1st then got a altitude and said what u think I didn't give it to her......the guy kurt is who I believe to be my soulmate.the two women are now enemies to me .the new girl I don't know.and the men moving stuff I don't know.

dream about clothes

keep having a dream that I am giving away old cloths to a family I no longer speak to due to a break in the freindship.In my dream I feel like I am helping them out cause they don't have much but that I don't want to be with them and don't like them being there. It's almost like I am giving them these things just to get them to go away.

engage dream

my colleague dreamt that i came to work excited telling them that i got engaged. I was showing off a shiny engagement ring and kept dancing around the office.I am not engaged nor am i in a relationship at the moment. While i am not particularly overjoyed that i am not yet engaged, it is not something that is up to me to control so i just keep it at the back of my mind.

falling in love dream

I've been seeing a man for a month and a half now, and find myself quickly falling in love with him, and his 4 year old little girl. I've been very torn up about the possibility of loosing my job, and stressed out about backstabbing friends that I recently cut out of my life. At the same time, I'm overwhelmed by all the love and support I'm feeling from my family and true friends. He took me to six flags for valentines day and got season passes for the two of us and we have gone twice since valentines day and have taken his daughter to a small local amusement park once.
I've been having reoccuring dreams about carnivals or amusement parks.They're never really 'bad dreams', just odd. When I'm standing in line for the ride I'm nervous, and roller coasters dont make me nervous in reality. And they change about half way through them to either a ranch/farm setting or a river setting where theres only broken or deserted buildings or equipment and my friends and myself. I'm always surrounded by my family and friends, and its always a good feeling I get. Does it mean anything or should I just lay off the theme parks?

flood dream

i was caught in flood wayers along w/ living and previouslt living relatives. the floods were random at prior residences and in difft forms (waves etc) i saved an older woman by a bridge, i was scared, yet i knew i was ok, better than those around me. it was distressing

married dream

I dreamt that I was getting married to a man who was my brother in-law (his brother and I have been divorced for more that 10 years). In the dream I know that getting married to this man is extremely strange since I have not seen him for years. In the dream I telephone him to ask him if he is agreeable to this marriage and he agrees if it is what I want. I feel happy and excited. I notice a ring on my engagement finger, it is a beautiful broad band silver ring with the parallel edges of the ring slightly curled. There are engravings on the front of the ring all the way around [the ring is the thing I remember most vividly from the dream]. I look at and admire the ring many times in the dream. Everyone seems very prepared for the wedding but I can't seem to get done. I have not been to the hairdresser and feel extreme stress that everyone's hair has been styled but mine is a mess. My mother explains to me that she had her hair done by a hairdresser we both frequented when I was a child...I panic, I can't go to that hairdresser since it is far away and I don't have an appointment. I feel frustrated and panicky.....the dream changes, I am running in my night clothes through my old high school, I am embarrased and panicked but know that if I can reach the girls bathroom, I have my clothes there......I don't remember dreaming anything else on this night.

recurring dream

This is a recurring dream, though the details change. I dream that im fighting someone, usually someone im having a disagreement with at the time, but in the dream, im fighting my heart out, but i feel intense weakness in my arms(in the dream) and my opponent laughs at my futile attempt

snake dreams

I was chased by a huge black snake. i ran into a house and escaped though the snake tried in vain to swallow me. the black snake went away.i was relieved and walked out of the house. then, a huge green snake rose out of the path on which i was walking. i tried to escape but got swollowed by the green snake. i melt down in the mouth of the snake. and then i gained my whole body. I was obessed and so curious about the meaning of this dream. It has been about a month ago.
dreams on snakes have lots of meaning: To dream of snakes, is a foreboding of evil in its various forms and stages.To see them wriggling and falling over others, foretells struggles with fortune and remorse.To kill them, you will feel that you have used every opportunity of advancing your own interests, or respecting that of others. You will enjoy victory over enemies.To walk over them, you will live in constant fear of sickness, and selfish persons will seek to usurp your place in your companion's life.If they bite you, you will succumb to evil influences, and enemies will injure your business.To dream that a common spotted snake approaches you from green herbs, and you quickly step aside as it passes you, and after you had forgotten the incident to again see it approaching and growing in dimensions as it nears you, finally taking on the form of an enormous serpent; if you then, after frantic efforts, succeed in escaping its attack, and altogether lose sight of it, it foretells that you will soon imagine you are being disobeyed and slighted, and things will go on from bad to worse. Sickness, uneasiness and unkindness will increase to frightful proportions in your mind; but they will adjust themselves to a normal basis, and by the putting aside of imaginary trouble, and masterfully shouldering duties, you will be contented and repaid.To dream that a snake coils itself around you and darts its tongue out at you, is a sign that you will be placed in a position where you will be powerless in the hands of enemies, and you will be attacked with sickness.To handle them, you will use strategy to aid in overthrowing opposition.To see hairs turn into snakes, foretells that seeming insignificant incidents will make distressing cares for you.If snakes turn into unnatural shapes, you will have troubles which will be dispelled if treated with indifference, calmness and will power.To see or step on snakes while wading or bathing, denotes that there will be trouble where unalloyed pleasure was anticipated.To see them bite others, foretells that some friend will be injured and criticised by you.To see little snakes, denotes you will entertain persons with friendly hospitality who will secretly defame you and work to overthrow your growing prospects.To see children playing with them, is a sign that you will be nonplussed to distinguish your friends from your enemies. For a woman to think a child places one on the back of her head, and she hears the snake's hisses, foretells that she will be persuaded to yield up some possession seemingly for her good, but she will find out later that she has been inveigled into an intrigue in which enemies will tantalize her. To see snakes raising up their heads in a path just behind your friend, denotes that you will discover a conspiracy which has been formed to injure your friend and also yourself. To think your friend has them under control, denotes that some powerful agency will be employed in your favor to ward off evil influences.For a woman to hypnotize a snake, denotes your rights will be assailed, but you will be protected by law and influential friends.

horses dream

I have had many, many dreams over the past 6 months about horse races. As a future racehorse jockey, I often find that my dreams focus on the riding aspect horse races. In one dream that occured not too long ago, I was leaning on the outside rail of a dirt racetrack, staring into the distance. I heard the thunder of the approaching horses (Quarter Horses), but for some unknown reason, I ignored them.Before I know it, the horses pass in front of me. But a reddish-brown mare falls and unseats her rider directly in front of me, not twenty feet from where I am standing. As people in the background of the dream gasp and call for help for the fallen jockey, I am frozen in shock of what I have just seen. In a fleeting moment, my point of view switches from my own to that of the fallen rider before I awaken in a cold sweat.
In my waking life, I have recently run into problems with my family, who are unsupportive of my aspirations. My parents want me to get degrees that, upon completion, would render me "too old" (by jockey standards) to get my jockey's license.

dream: girl

Okay i had a dream that i came home from school and then some little girl shes like 4 or so runs up to me and says mommy im like uhm okay cause im only 16 i dont have kids or nothing and then i go to her go upstairs to take a bath and then she does so when i do go upstairs shes like possed and then her eyes roll back until they turn complety white and then i freak out and start crying and then when i finished bathing her i told her to go to bed that its late and she has school tomarrow so i go downstairs to make her milk and i come back upstairs to find shes on the floor and she broke her head i freak out start crying and then i tell my grandfather im going to the hospital and i drove her and i dont drive, so then on the way to the hospital she throws another tantrom and then speaks greek and i dont understand it but it scared me.Please tell me what this means.Thanks

love dream

i dreamed of being in love.i was messing with this guy. he followed me to this truck where we found a beatiful baby girl. it felt like i knew both of them very well. when he would let go of after hugging me or holding my hand i would not like it. i had to be touching him. i had to be near him. my dad and his girlfriend didnt like this guy i was in love with but i think they loved the baby to. then all of a sudden we appeared in another time. MAybe like in the prehistoric time or something. i was changing the baby diaper and i knew the guy i loved was with the rest of the tribe hunting for food. but i so badly wanted for him to be with me. i shouted his name and he said he cant come home now because he was helping the tribe and then i said but i miss you. then i woke up.
that night i was reading sylivia browns book of dreams

dream sleeping paralyzed

I had a dream I was lying on my bed, and all the sudden I was vibrating, like I was being electrocuted,I was screaming for help but my voice sounded low like in a tunnel. I hear people talking in the other room but apparently no one can hear me. I am shaking violently ,I feel like I'm buzzing, sounds like electric clippers. my breathing gets shallow and I feel myself trying to wake up. after I wake my head hurts and my whole body feels tingley. almost like touching a live wire .In my dream it's like I'm stuck to the bed no matter how hard I try I can't get up and I continue to be shocked or electocuted.

real dream

what kind of dreams are they when you actually feel, smell, taste and when you wake up from the dreams you can still feel it for a little while. Like having pieces of plastic from a container that broke in your dream in your mouth and when you wake up you can still feel it and your mouth feels scratchy from it. I have been having a lot of dreams like this lately and also they happen when i am trying to take a nap which is about 1 hour long or so. Thank you for your time.

boyfriend dreams

I've had a couple really random dreams including my current boyfriend.

Dream #1 (two nights ago): I was at work and I got a letter from my boyfriend's work stating that he destroyed some things in his office and was considered a danger. They found his facebook page and found a lot of incriminating pictures on there. It was all over the news and in the newspapers. My boss at work was reading the newspaper and mentioned how crazy this guy seemed - and I told her he was my boyfriend. That's really all I can remember...

Dream #2 (last night): My boyfriend was taking the train down to come visit me and we were going to go to a baseball game. He was taking a train that left at 12:00, and I waited and waited, and then I got a text message from him that I should meet him at the baseball stadium. So I went there and went into the stadium, ordered a diet coke, and went to my seat. I waited more and he never showed up. I tried calling and texting and did not hear back from him. It was now 4 hours after his train left (and should have only taken him an hour), and I got worried and went home. I told my Dad he was missing and wasnt answering my calls - I was fearing for the worst, that he had been hurt or something bad happened. My Dad told me not to worry about it and did not seem as worried as I was. I woke up before I found him....

So after reading these, I can't help but think that my head is trying to tell me something negative about my boyfriend, but I know I love him and care about him so much - so I'm trying to figure out exactly what this means. He has never hurt me or done anything to make me think he would, so I need to know why I'm having these dreams. Also, is there something I need to do or say to him to make them go away?

spiritual dream

In a dream from last night, you and I were at a social gathering in someone's house. It began in either the living room or den. The evening was already in full swing. You were sitting on the arm of an overstuffed chair. On your left was a glass door that was left open. You were just casually looking around you at all of the others in the room who were drinking punch and making small talk. I was standing still and facing you from the other side of the room. I suddenly walked over to you and found myself taking your arm and leading you out through the glass door.
We stepped onto a deck which wrapped itself around the house on one side and followed this to the most secluded spot we could find in a dark corner up against the wall. I then leaned in to you so that I could speak directly into your ear. With a low voice, I said, "Remember, you are spiritual and a person of faith." That was the last part I remember.

dream about ex

have had this exact dream twice. Ex, me and our kids go camping. The four of us decide to take a walk. While walking I look down and there is a small boy about 2 or 3 walking between ex and I holding our hands. Another 3 or 4 times I have had dreams of ex, myself and our 2 two kids places and this same small boy is with us. Ex has had a vassemtecy(sp?). what does this small boy mean in my dreams?

a dream

I am walking around inside a house as a stranger. It's in broad daylight, but I know everyone is asleep. I keep wondering if anyone will see me and call the police, but they don't

work dream

I was working @ an old job and a friend came in and started 2yell at me. I had my mgr. escort her out. He then told me I could go home it was slow and I said can I wait a lil while longer, Im afraid she is still out there. So when I leave 2 get in my car here she comes wlalking up2me throwing rocks large really round ones I kept dogging them got in my car and started driving away. Then Im on this mountain driving and I cant remember how 2get back 2my home town, so I ask some people walking up the mountain and took me 2different people b4 I got the right way2go. So im driving down this mountain and I stop get out of my car to look over the side and I slip. Im holding on the side of this mountain and realize that there is ground under me so im ok. Now im screaming for some one to help me back up and as I look up there is a walking cane sticking out of the side of the mountain so I grab it and start waving it in the air as this bus is going by the driver sees me and stops runs up2me and helps me back up. the last thing i remember b4I wake up is saying the number 11, 11

Dream about goldfish

I dreamt that I saved goldfishes that were trapped in balloons of water. There were at least a hundred of them. Each goldfish was trapped in a balloon. The golfishes varied in different sizes, some were an inch small and others were as huge as a chihuahua. In this dream the goldfish were able to survive in the sea. I was rushing up and down to sea to free them. I accidentally dropped two balloons in the mad rush and the balloons bursted; and the two goldfishes died. I was very upset and I tried to revive them but they still didn't manage to survive. However I manged to saved the rest of them into the sea. After I saved all the goldfishes, I heard a very beautiful music, as though the angels were singing then I woke up.

Dream Analysis: Kiss

I have had two dreams in the past few months of a man that I have known a great number of years. We have kissed on a few occasions and I do have feelings for him however the dreams r really strange to me. The first one was that I was at Mass and my friend ws interviewing this man, he was happy and smiling and explaining that he had had a watch but t had frozen and his work colleagues had replaced his watch and he was very grateful and appreciative.
I was just a spectator in tis dream. The second and more recent dream was that I was with his brother and another girl and we were searching for something, I dont know what, but they ran into a building and I went to go around a corner but caught a reflection in a window and it was him again just standing lookng back. In this dream it was raining and all I could do was stare, when I passed him I looked back over my shoulder and he was just standing watching after me. Could you shed any light on any of this as I feel there is a purpose for him turning up in my dreams as if he is watching over me in a protective way..

Dream Analysis: Math

I always dream taking maths test , and in the dream i donot seem to be good in the subjects i wll try & try but in vain though i was never good in maths & still not good
its only now that i feel like taking the subject again from scratch but not so sure